Game Theory Essentials

Preliminary exposure to the concepts in understanding game theory.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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I have already put up four courses under the series ‘Operations Research’ and have received good response from students all over the globe. Encouraged by the response so received, I thought of making this new course on Game Theory, a celebrated topic in Operations Research. It’s primarily a situation of two competitive players playing a ‘Game’ with each other when the payoffs are known to either parties fully. Both the players are assumed to be rational; that means they will not do anything that will hurt themselves. The course will introduce the basic concepts in game theory. What is covered is the basic concepts such as games with saddle point and games without saddle point. Games of pure strategies Vs games of mixed strategies. Easy ways of solving two by two games have been covered. After this the 'Rule of Dominance' has been covered, with a view to reduce the size of the game wherever possible. Even the modified rule of dominance has been covered. 

Who this course is for

  1. Students undertaking MBA, MS (in Management Sciences)
  2. Those studying for BBA, CPA, Chartered Accountancy, Engineering, Technology, and similar.


This course taught me the basics of game theory. It was explained very well and was very informative! Thankyou sir ~ Aashritha M

What you'll learn

  1. You will go through the language of game theory and will soon start using terms like saddle point, Maximin, Minimax, Strategy, pay-offs, players, etc.
  2. In this process you will get the essentials of what is known as 'two person, zero sum games, with or without saddle point.
  3. The graphical and linear programming solution to games without saddle points.


You should have a basic understanding of matrix way of expressing numbers, and have access to a good internet connection.

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