How to be Happy

Learn a combination of techniques that you can start applying straight away towards a happier life

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Learn a combination of techniques that you can start applying straight away towards a happier life.

Nowadays it's very easy to find negativity. Not only because there are more and more sources, but because negativity sells. Newspapers, TV, Radio, magazines, social media. Everywhere you turn, you hear about natural disasters, murders, kidnappings, frauds. This makes it very difficult to have a positive attitude. Difficult but not impossible!

In this course, I'll show you tips and techniques that will increase your happiness level. We'll discuss common problems we face and give practical solutions to those problems.

For full happiness, you can't use just one or two of the tips from this course. You have to use as many as possible.

The whole course is designed in a way that you can get back to it at any given moment and rewatch only a specific part you need to refresh.

How is this course different from the rest?

Most online courses fail. That's because the content is not good enough or the trainer fails to keep the attention of the students. Or both! For this course, I gave all of my energy, positivity, and even my voice in order to keep you engaged.

As to the content of this course… consuming videos on the subject of Positivity, coming from the most positive person you'll ever meet… you simply can't go wrong! The best part is that I have lived through (and still living) all the things I discuss. I don't reproduce a book I read. Instead, I give you my actual techniques for a happy life.

Put together educational content and an engaging trainer, add practical examples and answers to common problems, and you'll get a fantastic course!

I'm very excited to have you on board!

To your success

Curious Pavel

Who this course is for

  1. Everybody who feels lost in life
  2. Everybody who is not 100% happy
  3. Everybody who doesn't know how to deal with difficult people
  4. Everybody who feels something is missing in their life


  1. For me, this is a practical, honest to goodness approach to be happy. This course helps me realized, common sense application makes us better and happier person ~ G Losaria
  2. This is a life changing course for me! Thank you!! ~ Mumtaj A

What you'll learn

  1. That happiness is not doing one thing once
  2. Happiness is a series of actions you take
  3. How To Deal With Difficult People
  4. How to Deal with Bullies
  5. How to Stay Positive
  6. How to Deal With Different Problems
  7. Practical Solutions to Common Difficult Life Scenarios


  1. Ability to understand basic English
  2. Be open minded
  3. Willingness to get out of your comfort zone

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