How to Change an Organisation's Culture

Learn the tools and techniques to change your organisation's or team's culture.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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With all the will in the world, delivering great change and successful projects can be a very tricky task if you do not have the buy in and support of your team and the wider organisation. Trying to make changes in a culture that is negative, toxic or has stagnated is virtually impossible, therefore some work on that culture needs to take place first. This course will identify the steps to follow and tools to use to do just that!

In this course you will learn the following:

  1. The fundamentals of culture change (the what and the why).
  2. The tools you need to change a culture (8 tool methodology).
  3. When to use the tools for what effect (short, medium and long term).
  4. How to approach culture change (process to follow, case study to replicate).
  5. How to embed a new mindset that is pro change!

Having the ability to change organisational culture is a skill highly in demand in today's workplace. As organisations grow, they often fail to effectively change their organisational cultures alongside this growth, resulting in people feeling left behind, disenfranchised and resistant to change. We want to shift culture within our organisations to one which embraces change, is positive about new approaches being deployed and is collaborative across the board. 

This course will give you the ability to change your organisational culture for the better, today!

Who this course is for

  1. Business Professionals
  2. Business Improvement Professionals
  3. Managers / Team Leads
  4. Operations leaders
  5. Small business owners
  6. Project Managers
  7. Graduates


  1. I like it and i learned alot. i will use the tool at my coming change culture ~ Najat A
  2. I purchased this course to improve the culture of my team at work - and the ideas are fantastic! Great approach and a detailed case study have helped ~ N Tomasevic
  3. An approach that makes sense. Look forward to deploying this in my organization ~ Margaret W
  4. Simple, straightforward and detailed. Great content! ~ K Ann
  5. Never realised I needed this course - but the culture in my company does need to change, and after taking this course, it will. Practical approach ~ H Rakardd
  6. The culture in my team has been the hardest thing to change as of late - not anymore I don't think....great content! Thank you ~ Marie H
  7. Brilliant! Within a week of this course I have implemented several big changes to the culture of our team at work, and the results are already showing through ~ K Underwood
  8. Really interesting content. Well worth it ~ M Collins

What you'll learn

  1. How to change a corporate culture
  2. How to instil Business Improvement in the culture
  3. Organisational culture change
  4. Tools to deliver culture change
  5. How to change mindsets and get people onboard with change
  6. Culture
  7. Culture change

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