How to get 100 MILLION Views on YouTube!

Learn to build a solid foundation for your channel and all the basics of YouTube viral video marketing

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I am the creator of the widely successful kids YouTube show Fuzzy Puppet and have been studying how YouTube operates religiously for ten years now. 

I have worked with some of the biggest names on the site including VitalyzdTv, LAHWF, TJKirk, JoshPalerLin, TheEngineeringFamily and more! I have learned a wealth of knowledge about how to become a viral success on YouTube and in this course I am going to share this wisdom with you!

After taking my course you will be light years ahead of where you would've been previously! What has taken me years to learn, you will learn in a matter of hours. What I am going to teach you will go far beyond just the mechanics of how YouTube operates. Instead I will help you tap into a part of yourself that can make miracles happen! We will go over everything you need from start to finish and help you setup your life to get the most out of your efforts. 

We create our own realities. We can either live our dreams or our fears. 

I want to help you live your most fantastical dreams! Seeing kids wearing Fuzzy Puppet backpacks to school with Fuzzy Puppet lunchboxes in them and seeing mothers make birthday cakes in the Image of my character Fuzzy has been a dream come true for me. 

Take the first step into your new life as a YouTuber with me and let's go on a fantastic voyage together! 

Ready!? Let's go! Hit that purchase button for my course and let's get started!

Who this course is for

  1. The ideal candidates are serious about wanting to make a professional career producing YouTube content.
  2. Beginners are welcome!
  3. Anyone who is ready to live out their YouTube dreams.


  1. The course was great, and I was very impressed that he continues to come back with updates ~ Terri S
  2. As a new youtube creator, this course helped me a lot! This is the ultimate guide for all the beginners like me, Super recommended! ~ C Bartolo
  3. Great guy, with a lot of energy and vision on how to be a youtuber, awesome content, thanks man ~ H Morales Kott
  4. Covered some areas that had not been covered before. Very happy for his success and dedication. Thanks for sharing ~ Jodie S
  5. Very sweet information specially towards the end. If you are starting out this is the course you have to take, if you are a more experienced youtuber this will also give you good info! ~ Salvador A
  6. He is being honest in what he says about YouTube. YouTube is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of time and dedication to succeed. He tries to gives us his personal experience and what it took him to succeed ~ J Rivera
  7. You will earn your money back on Youtube by taking this course! I used to watch Youtube to learn about topic, but this class is much better because he includes a lot of information I didn't even think I needed to know! The class packs more information into 2.5 hours than some classes do in much more time. Also it is very inspirational. I like how he stresses it does take hard work, but it's worth it. Also that you can take wasted time for example driving in the car and take more classes to continue to improve yourself. The last part is the real meat of Youtube for example how important Thumbnails are and how to test them. Also he shows what type of lighting, microphones, software are the best. Also how to do this on a budget! Taking this course saved me more money in the end -Thanks! ~ Vicky S
  8. This course was definitely worth the money! It is very in depth and taught me so much more than what I already knew. I'm already putting into practice what I learned for my channel on YouTube and tweaking it to work for me. I appreciate all the time and effort he put into this, great job! ~ A Norbo
  9. If you are looking for a beginners guide that is step-by-step on Youtube, this is not the course for you. If you want to basically have a 1/2 day sit-down with a successful Youtuber, and get 6 years of his knowledge and tips, then buy this course. Great Course, lots of tips and tricks of the trade. Not in-depth on any single topic, but he hits a lot of things and gives a great approach to Youtube. I also like how mindset is a big part of this course. I have spent 40+ hrs a week on my Youtube channel for the better part of 2 months now and its hard to only have 10 views per video for all of that work, but now I feel that I have some takeaways that will help me get noticed ~ J Cawthorn
  10. Great and very interesting course! I recommend to all. You will find his tips and tricks are very useful. I appreciate all his time and effort for creating this course. Good job Brandon! ~ Melvin A
  11. Very concise but relaxed, Brandon is a YouTube veteran and this course was definitely informative. I recommend to all. Would love to see more of the filming/production and localization sides of Fuzzy Puppet! ~ B Byrne

What you'll learn

  1. I will help you tap into a part of yourself that can make miracles happen!
  2. Produce viral videos that will get millions of views.
  3. Break through to the other side using Miracle Marketing.
  4. How to re-train your brain to think like a winner.
  5. Get your best ideas out and become your best self on YouTube.
  6. How to optimize videos for YouTube's algorithm.
  7. How to create content that will get your audience to subscribe and share.
  8. How to organize your life to get the most return on your efforts.
  9. The best areas to invest money into your channel.
  10. An in depth look at what gear you will need to create the best videos.
  11. Grow an adoring fan base that watches your videos everyday.
  12. How to create a character for your channel and stand out from the pack.


A great attitude is all that you need to succeed.

Course Content

7 Sections 44 Lectures 1h 44m total length

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