How To Get Your Business Funded

The Essential Guide for Anyone Considering Not Getting Help

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Less than 1% of businesses looking for equity funding actually get it.

There are several reasons for this; all relating to the following:

  1. Not knowing what an investor is looking for
  2. Not knowing how an investor likes to be approached
  3. Wasting time with irrelevant information
  4. Having an unrealistic proposal/valuation
  5. Not protecting your business before approaching investors
  6. Not being pitch-ready
  7. Trying to avoid difficult questions by changing the topic
  8. Not knowing what those difficult questions are
  9. Not seeking professional advice before taking the plunge

Having interviewed investors, fund managers, Venture Capitalists and Family Offices, I have compiled a must-do list for anyone who is thinking of approaching an investor for funding.

If you want any chance of being a part of the less than 1% of businesses to attract equity investment: you must prepare properly or be incredibly lucky. 

This course is that preparation for anyone considering seeking equity investment for their company/idea, through a set of short, simple to do steps that you must consider before seeking investment.

About me:

Since 2013 I have trained people in pitching for investment and sat on over 100 investor panels for companies seeking investment. This content is the result of watching those pitches and talking with hundreds of other investors about what really works, and the basic mistakes that most people make when seeking investment.

Who this course is for

This course is for any business owner or funding consultant looking to attract funding.

What you'll learn

  1. The essentials: what you need to approach investors and get funded
  2. The main reasons most businesses don't get funded
  3. Things to consider before even thinking about approaching an investor
  4. How to easily add value to your business
  5. What is pitch-ready? And are you?
  6. Silly mistakes that a lot of people make
  7. Why less than 1% of companies looking for early-stage investment get angel or venture capital investment


An interest/curiosity in how to get a business funded.

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