How to Improve Spoken English

English can be a difficult language to learn, but there are things you can do to make the learning process easier. 

Last updated 3/2023 English

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English can be a difficult language to learn, but there are things you can do to make the learning process easier.   

How do I improve Spoken English? I have learned English from childhood but I still can’t speak English fluently.   

This is a question we get often. Most English language learners know basic English, understand basic grammar rules and have the ability the read and write English. But they struggle with Spoken English ..    

Speaking is often the hardest of the four language skills. It's one thing listening and understanding, or even reading and writing, but it's another talking to a native speaker and not getting all confused and experiencing brain shut down. But with the right tricks you can get over the learning curve with ease.   

To improve your spoken English, the best thing to do maybe is to talk with a native speaker. 

Sometimes we don’t have that option though! What if you don’t know anyone who speaks English? What if you don’t have time? What if you simply don’t feel confident enough yet to practice with a native?   

Don’t worry. You can still improve your spoken English, even without a speaking partner. We’re going to explain how.   

We will cover the following fundamental methods of improving spoken English 

  1. Think in English & 5 Great steps of Thinking in English 
  2. Learning sentences not words 
  3. Speaking by yourself 
  4. Give yourself time to think 
  5. Focus on fluency not grammar 
  6. Slow down and relax
  7. Listen to more English 
  8. Tongue twisters
  9. Imitate and record yourself 
  10. Other helpful methods and techniques that will help you to speak fluently 

In this Course, I’m going to give you many great lessons and tips to help overcome the difficulties you might be experiencing, using some of the simplest methods to improve your English communication skills.

You can also download the written transcript altogether.   

Please contact me and feel free to ask me any questions   

Good Luck!

Who this course is for

  1. Those students who have difficulty speaking English
  2. Those who are not confident and fluent enough to speak English
  3. High beginner, intermediate or advanced English language learners
  4. This course is for people who feel comfortable with their vocabulary but can't speak fluently. Those who want to speak regularly with native English speakers should take this course

What you'll learn

  1. You will learn many tips that would help you tackle the difficulties of Spoken English
  2. Speak English more fluently, naturally and with more confidence.
  3. You Will understand the correct methods and ways of Improving spoken English
  4. You will Learn to speak more clearly so that your listeners can understand exactly what you’re saying and what you mean


  1. A basic understanding of English is needed to listen to the lectures
  2. A willingness and a desire to learn methods of improving spoken English

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