How to Launch a Successful Counseling Practice!

This is a comprehensive course outlining EVERYTHING you need to start your own counseling or psychotherapy practice.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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"How To Launch A Successful Counseling Practice" will teach you step-by-step literally everything you need to know to open a private counseling or psychotherapist practice. If you are a Psychologist or LCSW, MFT or LPCC or if you want to do your internship hours in a private practice setting with a supervisor, this course will teach you about setting your fee, the best ways for clients to contact you, why your office location and its amenities are important, all of the sundry influences that go into deciding your "brand" and how to market to potential clients, networking, the benefits of teaching workshops, and the responsibilities of being an independent contractor. It's all here. And if you have any questions I'm 100% available to answer them! 

Thank you very very much!

Ira Israel, LPCC, LMFT

Who this course is for

MFTs, LCSWs, LPCs, PsyDs, Ph.D., and Psychiatrists who wish to open private practices as well as interns who wish to do their hours in private practice settings.


  1. Yes it is a good match, although I am in CT, it does have a good overview of starting a practice. I will be working out of my home on the first floor, which is a two family house ~ S Enders
  2. Ira definitely has some wisdom, experience and knowledge to impart about setting up as a Therapist. The segments were short enough, full of enthusiasm and a joy to watch. Ira definitely knows his stuff. It's funny because I was watching this presentation at work on a night shift (I work as a Nurse in Mental Health) and my colleagues asked whether it was me; we do look alike. However, I digress... the content was current, professional, and an eye-opener as far as legalities. Luckily I live in Australia where Counselling is not regulated by the states, so there is more flexibility. I'm sure that with a MSc in Counselling, and working towards a PhD in Pastoral Counselling, including my 10+ nursing in Mental Health/Psychiatry, that the course which Ira presents will definitely give me a solid foundation to get my practice up and running. Thanks Ira, and thanks for your warm, gracious and inviting manner and temperament; it's missing in our society today. God Bless! ~ L del Valle
  3. Very informative and well done course, plus instructor seemed friendly and taught material in a well organized and effective manner ~ Gilbert
  4. I loved the content in the course and it is easy to see how it saved me years of trying to figure all of this material out by myself. I honestly had no idea about city business licenses and all of the other aspects regarding starting my own practice. The lectures are easy to follow and comprehensive and I enjoyed Ira's humor and spirit. It is apparent that his heart is in the right place and he is dedicated to helping both his fellow counselors as well as his clients. I would highly recommend this course to my peers. I've already started on my to-do list! Thank you :-) ~ R Edelson
  5. It is easy to understand and put into practice ~ A Samoilă

What you'll learn

Students will know literally EVERYTHING necessary to open a successful private counseling or psychotherapy practice!


  1. Please have a pencil and paper ready to take notes.
  2. Students should be ready to follow through on the action points necessary to launch their private practice.

Course Content

20 Sections 21 Lectures 2h 43m total length

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