Insulation Resistance (IR) Test Course for Power Cables

IR (Megger) test - (Theory + Practical)

Last updated 4/2023 English

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Insulation Resistance Testing should begin at the time of installation and continue throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Through insulation resistance testing and data collection, you may be able to predict possible system failures and take earlier action to prevent them.

This course will provide you the required knowledge and practical procedures to implement different types of IR Test especially for power cables along with the analysis of test results.

Moreover, it answers some of the most common concerns and questions that most test engineers ask about.

Who this course is for

  1. Electrical Engineers
  2. Electrical Technicians
  3. E&I QC Engineers
  4. E&I Commissioning Engineers


A very informative topic on IR testing. Highly recommended to anyone interested to learn the fundamentals of IR testing. Thanks to the instructor for this course! ~ Rey Anthony G. Herrera

What you'll learn

  1. In this course you will learn the theory and benefits of Insulation Resistance (IR/Megger) Test.
  2. Different types of IR tests shall be discussed, like DAR and PI.
  3. The practical procedures to demonstrate IR Test (especially for power cables) shall be demonstrated.
  4. Analysis of test results and provision of a correct decision to accept or refuse.
  5. Benefits of using Guard terminal.
  6. Is it right to use a reverse polarity and why?


No special requirements or preparations are needed.

Course Content

6 Sections 6 Lectures 1h 27m total length

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