Law of Attraction: Control the Physics of Your Reality

Learn how easy it is to Control Your Reality! Learn how easy it is to have control of the world around you!

Last updated 5/2023 English

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I want to welcome you to my online course "Learn How To Control The Physics Of Your Reality". You will find this information enlightening, empowering, inspiring, and profound. The knowledge that will be presented in this course will contain information that will change your life, the people that you interact with, and the generations that follow.

I will be presenting this information in a special format called integrating concepts. Our general education system does not teach this way so you have probably not been exposed to this methodology. Integrating concepts is quite simple, but such a profound way of learning new material. Concepts are simple individual illustrations that present ideas. Each concept reveals new information and is profound in its own unique way, but when you integrate the individual concepts together you begin to reveal a much bigger picture and powerful understanding. You integrate concepts together by defining common denominators.

The information that we will be covering in this course will be divided into two sections.

Section 1

  1. What is your reality?
  2. What your reality really is.
  3. What is consciousness?
  4. The universal law of attraction and consciousness.
  5. The Emotional Guidance System.

Section 2

  1. Universal Numerology
  2. Sacred Geometry
  3. Toroidal Energy Flow
  4. Frequency and Harmonics
  5. Inductance
  6. DNA
  7. Layers of Reality
  8. Quantum Energies
  9. The Keys To Power And The Master Numbers
  10. Conclusion

I want to state that as you begin learning these new concepts your mind will naturally begin integrating them together utilizing common denominators.

Prepare to be enlightened and empowered!

For further knowledge and application of the knowledge presented in this course check out my new book The Enlightened Human A Message For Humanity.

Who this course is for

Students who want to empower themselves with great knowledge.


  1. I found this class very interesting and enlightening. Zach Smith provided much detail to what our reality is, consciousness, Sacred Geometry, numerology, the law of attraction and much more. His approach is more scientific in ways I was never exposed to before ~ T Perreault
  2. Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful course with so much vital information. Being an avid reader and learner, I was familiar with the general topic but the way you presented the course in such a clear and brilliant way, gave me much more information and enable a much deeper perception for me of living the earthly experience. Would love to hear more! Would love to hear about applying the principles of experiencing life on earth to everyday examples of situations we come across. Thank you very much ~ Shelley C
  3. Thank you so much for the visuals. What an eye opener. Really enjoyed this course Zach! ~ J Snyder
  4. This course put it all together for me. While I knew some of the concepts, I didn't know why or how. No I know and I understand! The delivery is exceptional and passionate. I stayed up late to finish it, I couldn't stop, and I can't wait to do it again to make sure I haven't missed anything! I cannot thank you enough for putting this course together in such a comprehensive manner. I would recommend this course for anyone on a path of self discovery ~ Valérie L
  5. Marvellous. Great body of work, beautifully explained (double thumbs up) Thank you Zach ~ Rickinski
  6. So much gratitude for creating this course. it was a good match for me. it really blew my mind... please create more courses .. ~ S Fernando
  7. This course provides unique information that resonates with me and that I feel is vital to our ability to create our reality. I'm grateful to Zach for creating this course and for his efforts to help wake us up! Highly recommended ~ Christopher S

What you'll learn

  1. You will learn how to physically control every aspect of your personal reality.
  2. You will learn how to control the physics of your outer reality.
  3. You will learn about the Law Of Attraction in intricate detail.


You only need to know how to integrate concepts through common denominators.

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