Leadership: Concept & Style

Last updated 3/2023 English

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This is approximatelly a 90 miniutes course split into Videos of 8-10min each. The Principal aim while preparing this course has been to keep it as simple as possible. Minimum use of complex theories and almost nil use of jargons. At the same time efforts have been given to include all aspects of Leadership requirements, understanding and nuances. Efforts have also been made to ensure that no single aspect of Leadership is missed out. It covers Understanding Leadership. A look at the Concept and different styles of Leadership. Demonstrates features with examples. Understanding of the relationship and importance of Potential, Following, Coaching and Facilitating, Strategising and Delegating has been stressed upon. Covers Power of Empowerment, setting of priorities, Handling of new ideas from the followers and Handling of Failures. The course has been carefully crafted to get a steady and easy flow of the process, at the same time continuously updated with respect to new innovations, theories and methods in the field/subject after collecting numerous feedbacks.

The course also deals with various problems encountered by Leaders and how to encounter them. It tells us how to create our own Brands and stand out amongst the leaders to be the chosen one.

Use of Headphone is recommended for better clarity.

Who this course is for:

Undergraduate students and executives of all levels

What you'll learn

Students will learn how to develop leadership qualities.


Should be able to appreciate the importance of leadership qualities in day to day life whatever be the profession.

Course Content

12 Sections 12 Lectures 1h 54m total length

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