Learn 10 Entrepreneurial Skills

Get your entrepreneur skills score on a scale of 1 to 10.

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to start something on your own?

Need to prepare for a changing world and you need to do it fast. People who do it fast with online learning will beat the competition.

What you get in this course:

  • 10 abilities you need to develop:
    1. Listen to your heart
    2. Risk taking
    3. Courage
    4. Curiosity
    5. Initiative
    6. Decisiveness
    7. Fast problem solving
    8. Perseverance
    9. Resilience
    10. Openness for seeking help
  • 11 examples for easy & quick understanding
  • Assessment sheet for your entrepreneurial abilities
  • Your rating on 1-10 of the abilities required, so you can take immediate action
  • 1-to-1 video coaching

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur
  2. Working professionals
  3. Students


  1. Extremely helpful and practical, Great work Sir ~ Rudra S
  2. I thought it was clear and precise.. liked it very much.. ~ A Parsons

What you'll learn

  1. 10 entrepreneurial skills
  2. 11 examples of entrepreneurial skills
  3. How to find your entrepreneurial skills score
  4. What world's best entrepreneurs have in common


  1. Willingness to learn new methods
  2. Willingness to do assignment
  3. Watch all videos

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