Learn Analog Circuit Designs Without Math

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This course draws a guiding line between learning concepts and quantifying them. The mathematical description of a system mystifies the idea and drives students away from seeing the intuitive simplicity behind the design.

In most courses you are taught to calculate voltage, voltage drop, current, and power by using techniques like node and mesh analysis, however, it is hard to figure out the real purpose of the circuit when focused only on solving equations.

Latch circuit, frequency domains, low and high filters, control circuits are not taught in any fundamental or basic courses anywhere. In basic or fundamental courses you are taught laws, rules to follow in order to find the solution.

This course takes you in a snap from basic to advanced in a very short time that is why it is unique, innovative, and impressive. It is designed specifically for that purpose. It has tremendous value for a very low cost.

Many hours of a course content does not necessarily guarantee good learning, you probably would not even watch it all. This course is very optimized to deliver precisely and efficiently the information without any extra talking that is not relevant.

Companies pay high salaries for those who get the job perfectly done in short time. This course does just that. Do not let anyone mess with your head about it because of the number of hours.

I have set up a set of qualities for this course, if that's what fits you then this course is for you.

Who this course is for

  1. General public
  2. Engineering students of any field


  1. Really informative, before this course I didn't knew how to begin a circuit design butthis course helped me set a light in the path of designing a circuit, hope more contents like this will be uploaded ~ Nihal F
  2. This course is exactly what the first week of engineering classes should be - getting the intuition as quickly and simply as possible. I appreciate the no-nonsense approach and would recommend this course to any STEM enthusiast ~ Matt A
  3. The instructor gave a good qualitative summary of analog circuits, and matched it to real world applications quite well, allowing one to see how the theory applies in practice. More content in the future of the same style would be quite helpful and appreciated ~ Hassan R

What you'll learn

  1. Learn how electronic components behave
  2. Develop strong intuition in understanding electronics circuit design
  3. Analyze electronic circuits very quickly
  4. Understand the fundamental concepts in electronic circuit design


Only interest is required to take this course without previous knowledge in electronics nor mathematics.

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