Learn Ansys Fluent CFD Using Projects: Beginner to Advanced

Ansys Mechanical: Learn Beginner to Advanced Level of CFD using Ansys Fluent and Ansys Workbench

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Learn Ansys Fluent CFD Using Projects Beginner to Advanced, Ansys Workbench

This course is a well structured course based on the current situation of requirement. This course is designed in that way so that students can learn industry standard things which is utilizing in research field nowadays.

Even if you are beginner you can learn this course and become hero in Ansys CFD. You will learn project based learning which will give you an edge to go ahead in using this software.

In this course we have added projects one by one in that way so that you can learn the basic first and then go for advanced level.

This course is taught in two parts: one is for beginner level, in the beginner level we have added total 5 projects with step by step tutorial and in the next part of the course you will get advanced level projects those even taught in pretty simple ways so that you can easily understand the steps and follow it.

This is so that you can be industry ready after completing the course.

Second part of this course having 5 more projects, so in this course total projects you will learn is 10, which will help you to learn numerous problem solving skills which is really a good way to learn Ansys CFD.

Why Get This Course?

  1. Learn Ansys starting from Zero Level to Advanced Level.
  2. Lecturer is Subham Sharma and he has great level of experience, done M.Tech & PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur & Kharagpur respectively.
  3. 10+ Hours of Great Learning Experience.
  4. Project based Learning.
  5. This course is created by Subham Sharma in association with Ujjwal Kumar Sen.

and many more......

What are you waiting for?

So, click on Buy Now and enroll to the course and learn Ansys CFD.

See you in course.

Who this course is for

Those wanted to learn about Ansys Workbench, CFD, Fluent.


  1. Great material. Well organized. Good instructions and very easy to follow ~ Kin Kei Y
  2. It is a great match for my interests ~ Hillary C

What you'll learn

  1. Understand the Problem to Solve & Its Parameters
  2. Can Able to Solve Any Project from Beginner to Advanced Level
  3. Students will Get Project Based Learning
  4. Setup problem using different CFD tools such as Fluent, Geometry Model, Design Modeller, Ansys Meshing etc
  5. Will Learn Ansys Workbench


  1. Basic Knowledge of Fluid
  2. You Need to Have Ansys Software Installed in Your Computer
  3. Computer with 4 GB Ram and i3 Processor is Recommend

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