Learn AutoCAD 2021 2D and 3D for Beginners to Advanced

Last updated 5/2022 English

AutoCAD 2021 Mechanical Engineering course is the amazing course, which is having basics commands, 2D and of course 3D as well designed by a decade experienced highly qualified faculty member, even you beginner or you know about AutoCAD even then this course will help you in every aspects especially for mechanical engineers to design any challenging design by using AutoCAD.

Here are several features of this course-

  1. More than 10 years of experience instructor
  2. The course is from scratch to advanced level
  3. More than 25 hours of course content
  4. More than 30 practice sets
  5. You will Learn 2D and 3D both
  6. The version you will learn that is 2019, which is the advanced one.

and lots more.

What you'll learn
  1. Students wanted to Learn Designing
  2. Students wanted to design nut, bolt or mechanical components
  3. Students wanted to work in design deparment
  4. Students are studying mechanical engineering
  5. Students wanted to do job in automobile industry as design engineer
  6. AutoCAD 202: 2D as well as 3D even students as a beginner.
  7. All Coordinate system
  8. All Basic Commands and their uses
  9. All 3D commands and their uses
  1. Basic Knowledge of Computer
  2. Need Software in Your PC to Practice 
Course Content
3 Sections 9 Lectures 1h 52m total length