LEED Green Associate: Foundation on Sustainability

Full Credit Overview V4.1- Foundation Course - Created by approved USGBC Faculty

Last updated 3/2023 English

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About This Class

You’ve been interested in Sustainability, and perhaps even working in this field. You may have been asked to consult and manage a LEED project. You want to achieve your LEED BD+C Accredited Professional status. But in doing so you know that you first must meet the LEED Green Associate accreditation.

You know that there is a lot information, with the reference guide close to 900 pages. Where do you begin? How do I start learning? What information is important? How do I best prepare myself for the exam – especially with so many different responsibilities you have.

Think of this course as the foundation course on LEED. 
This foundation course will allow you to master the most important concepts and tools. And this all in 4 hours.

This LEED Green Associate Foundation Course has been designed to enable you to understand all credits and prepare for the exam in the most effective way. You will learn from an experienced consultant, and USGBC Faculty member.

What will you learn?

The key concepts and tools for LEED. Around 75 specific lessons ranging from 3 to 8 minutes on all important credits. Here are a handful of examples.

  1. Sustainable Sites – Heat Island Reduction
  2. Material and Resources – Mercury
  3. IEQ – Views
  4. IEQ - Daylight
  5. All other credits
  6. Definitions, concepts, tips, and how to avoid common mistakes.
  7. Become more confident in your abilities as a sustainability manager.

Why take this course?

  1. You want to pass the LEED GA exam. 
  2. You will be able to speak about LEED and sustainability with confidence.
  3. You will understand the different terms, definitions and requirements.
  4. You will learn from an experienced sustainability consultant and educator.
  5. It's effective and practical. Think of this course as exam preparation together with tips and focus points.
  6. It's been developed from the ground up with a focus on quality.

How will this help you?

  1. You will deliver projects, better, quicker and avoid common mistakes
  2. You will go prepared to a job that requires knowledge in LEED and sustainability .
  3. You will feel more confident about LEED and how to apply it.
  4. You will be able to add this to your CV (just put it under "Professional Development" LEED Green Associate, UPLYRN, Year of Completion).
  5. What you will learn will make you effective and successful :)

Who is behind this course?

I am the Managing Directorof a green building consultancy in Malaysia, and a LEED AP and a USGBC Faculty Member. Before that I was a university teacher (Yonsei University Korea), Project Manager, entrepreneur, and enjoy teaching. I have an MBA from London Business School. I enjoy creating courses.

This course is suitable for all levels and specifically for:

  1. People who want to learn about LEED 
  2. Professionals that want to obtain their LEED Green Associate
  3. People who are interested in a career in sustainability consultancy
  4. Developers, Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects, and basically anyone interested in learning about LEED
  5. People with an open mind and a willingness to learn.
  6. People capable of taking notes and applying the concepts and tools provided in this course.

The Facts

  1. You will learn all the concept of LEED BD+C in preparation for the LEED GA Exam.
  2. This course will prepare you very well for the LEED GA exam, and should be the starting point if you want to take the exam.
  3. All credits, requirements and points will be clearly explained to you.
  4. LEED GA will allow you to deliver your consulting projects better and more effectively.
  5. Professional certifications can lead to a significant increase in salary.
  6. This course is not the only thing to do to get you ready for the exam. But it will give you the solid foundation and is key to preparation.
  7. Certification demonstrates an enhanced understanding of technical concepts; thus a LEED Certification could open doors to new job opportunities.
  8. You will enjoy this course, here are some examples of what people say about my work with them in the past

Join me and start learning about LEED now. You will learn all the concepts and requirements that will enable you to achieve your LEED BD+C AP Certification projects. We will cover all the topics from the definitions, intent, requirements, concepts, and exemplary performances. So take the course now to learn what all of this means in more detail and how you can apply it to become a LEED Green Associate.

Who this course is for

  1. People who want to learn about LEED BD+C V4.1
  2. People who are interested keeping up to date with the latest developments for the LEED Reference guide
  3. People who are interested in a career in sustainability consultancy
  4. Developers, Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects, and basically anyone interested in learning about LEED BD+C


  1. Hans was my professor in strategic management and entrepreneurship in Yonsei University, in Seoul. Attending these courses enabled me to find a job in this field. Hans has great teaching skills and a valuable experience that he delivers very well to his students. He could bring us to adopt a strategic way of thinking with multiple perspectives. Besides, Hans is very responsive and always willing to help. I really recommend him ~ Solene Moitry
  2. Hans was my professor of "Entrepreneurship and Strategy" during one semester this year. I have to say that this class was one of the best I ever had. Indeed, the content was very interesting and Hans made it even better. He explained us things with well known examples and very interesting shows. Moreover, he always knew how to make the class lively and dynamic by pushing people to express what they thought. I also really liked the way Hans structured the class throughout the semester and I think that it the best way to learn how to become an entrepreneur! ~ Arnaud Girard
  3. I cannot recommend Hans enough! He was an amazing lecturer during my time at Yonsei University. He taught was able to project his knowledge in such an interesting way, which made the learning experience enjoyable. Prior to this class I had no background knowledge of anything business related. Hence, It is amazing that after his short three week class, I have learnt so much. Hans is definitely one of the best lecturers I have ever encountered, if not, the best ~ Elizabeth Nguyen

What you'll learn

  1. You will learn all the concepts of LEED in preparation for the LEED GA Exam
  2. All credits, requirements and points will be clearly explained to you
  3. Knowledge required to understand what are the green building strategies.
  4. Understand LEED Rating system in detail


  1. No prerequisites are needed.
  2. But an interest in sustainability or knowledge of LEED will help.

Course Content

11 Sections 79 Lectures 4h 11m total length

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