Managing Up: Accelerate Your Career

Managing Up: 3 Golden rules to manage the relationship that matters the most for your career

Last updated 5/2023 English

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1. 'People don't quit their jobs, they quit their Bosses'.

You have heard and seen this happening!

Why does this happen? Because we have not developed a healthy and rewarding relationship with our boss.

Any relationship takes intention and effort! And yet, there is very little formal or informal training available about developing a relationship with your manager.

This course is an honest attempt to fill that gap. It is finding out answers to this question - 'How to Manage Relationship with my Boss?'

2. About me

I have total 19 years of corporate experience. I worked with 10 different bosses. And, I've been a manager to at least 5 teams.

Soft skills, contrary to the name, are HARD to learn!

I was quick to observe this. Thus, I have made it my mission to train and coach aspiring individuals to develop career-crucial soft-skills.

Like many of us, I too had my challenges with bosses. And one such relationship is noteworthy. I was a Manager and was reporting to this Director for more than 5 years. For first three years, it was a roller-coaster - going up and down! There were times, when I felt miserable, ignored and side-lined. On few occasions, I argued but with my Boss on the other side I ended up feeling helpless. Nonetheless, I stayed on - my work was good and despite the challenges, I had regard for my Boss' managerial skills and business acumen. I turned the searchlight on myself - I observed my other peers who were in Boss' good books.

With time I was able to get our relationship going. Then on there was no looking back! In later years, the relationship grew stronger and we both prospered. I led multiple initiatives for my Boss and my contribution was recognized with back to back promotions and increased visibility in the organisation. That phase not only got our relationship going but it also taught me a great deal about succeeding in corporate world. 

I structured learning from my experience with proven professional best-practices to build this course.

This provides you with sound guidelines to build a great rapport with your boss!

3. Your Mission

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to strike a rewarding & enjoyable relationship with your Boss.

Your first goal is to develop a game plan for this mission. With key principles and techniques shared in this course you will be able to do just that!

When you accept the Mission and follow the game plan; the result is guaranteed for you. While you will have to walk the plan and the path yourself; I am responsible to you and your  progress. And so, I would be supporting you beyond this course till your mission is accomplished.

4. Your Future is calling you

Imagine yourself doing the following in 90 days from now!

  1. Reduce unnecessary friction and develop harmony with your manager
  2. Show ownership and come across as highly dependable associate for your boss
  3. Adopt your manager as your mentor and secure his/her partnership into your career
  4. Undertake next big responsibility of your  role and department jointly with your boss

Completing this 45-minute course is a big stride towards that bright future!

5. Course Overview

The course has total 5 sections.

It starts with Introduction, then 3 sections for 3 Golden Rules and lastly, Closure section.

Across those sections there are total 24 lectures. No lecture is longer than 3 minutes.

The lectures are designed with examples, case-studies, video clips and importantly, individuals exercises that you must do to develop a game plan for your mission. Plus, there is a quiz at the end of every Golden Rule.

6. Do you have Narcissist (very difficult) Boss?

Sorry to learn that! Honestly, I've NOT designed this course with 'that' kind of boss in mind; don't want to set any wrong expectations with you. Ideas in this course are aimed at turning a cold (=indifferent) relation with your Manager into a warm one and even a good (=neutral) relation into a great one.

However, if you are not so sure about your boss, this course could be a good start.

6. Is the course updated?

The course is launched in June 2020. I've compiled three proven management strategies as 3-Golden Rules for developing a great relationship and a career. Under the Golden Rules, you will be presented with multiple soft skills that are easy to understand and can be practiced every day.

That said, I am totally committed to keeping updating  the course based on direct student feedback as well as course questions I will receive. At any time, up-to-date content comes to you at no extra charge. Buy this course once, and you’ll have lifetime access to it and the Q&A section.

7. What if you have questions?

I understand that everyone has a different boss and you may have unique challenges specific to your work situation. It is only natural to have questions as you want to understand the principles and practices shared in the course. In fact, I strongly recommend that you ask any and all questions!

I offer full support, responding to questions you post within one working day.

This means you’ll never be stuck on a topic or concept. Additionally, with my guidance, through Q&A and even after course completion, you can be confident in applying the techniques presented in the course.

Finally, sincerely appreciate your desire to learn and grow!

See you on the course!

Who this course is for

All working professionals, young professionals, beginners in corporate career.


  1. I have really enjoyed the content of the course. Viraj is has explained the nuances and finer personality traits of the managers/bosses quite well ~ Anupama B
  2. I have worked in IT industry and also in teaching. As per my experience this course is not only to manage your boss but also for effective soft skill communications. Q & A at the end of each module and also the videos in between, made the session interactive. This course will surely help corporate freshers to manage their boss ~ Deepali B
  3. Honestly, these are some of the most basic things which people and rethink and initiate in their lives. Changing jobs doesn’t guarantee a better boss. Good job Viraj! Keep rocking ~ Alisha B
  4. It was a good refresher ! With more than 20 years of work experience, these rules are mostly common knowledge but happy to have go through a reinforcement of these key principles again ~ S Bhattacharya
  5. Wish I had this information with me earlier in my career. But better late than never. I will recommend this course to my friends & colleagues. Thanks! ~ K Khandalkar
  6. Absolutely, it exceeded what I thought I would learn. I enjoyed learning all the various types of bosses that we've all experienced, and how to deal with them. This lecture comes with a lot of practical experience and back up material ~ S Almeida
  7. I personally enjoyed this course. And also your way of explaining things at proper pace along with real life experiences helped me build a complete different perspective. I would surely recommend this to many of my colleagues as well ~ Disha D
  8. It's engaging! The course is excellent starting point, once you have realized and accepted the situation, to get control of how to handle it well. the course describes the points which makes one effective and deal with situations which he/she can control. The videos and case studies made it better! ~ Ashish A
  9. Exceptional Course a must take for all professionals! This course has helped me change my thought process and given a whole new perspective on improving my relationships with my manager better ~ Sameer S
  10. The subject matter of the course was very relevant and very helpful time as I do struggle to effectively connect with the superiors sometimes. The personality styles mentioned in the course helped me understand what was lacking in my communications. I really like the way Viraj has broken down the topic into small bite sized clips that helps to grasp the concepts easily. I like the way Viraj has explained such important aspects of human psyche with so simply yet effectively. The examples that he has provided are also relatable. This course has helped me a lot. Hoping to attend more courses from Viraj ~ Himadri B
  11. Super course. Trainer has made this very crucial aspect of professional life very easy. Also pace of the course is good and so as the resources shared ~ Vinayak K
  12. I enjoyed the course and found it useful. The presentation is engaging and content relevant. I highly recommend it to new as well as seasoned employees. This course introduces the concept of managing your boss to an inexperienced professional and hands them a set of useful and practical tools to manage their boss. To an experienced professional this course is a concise reminder of key rules of managing your boss ~ Jovita
  13. I've attended Viraj's sessions live, and I must say that he's an excellent tutor. His way of solving complex behavioural issues in corporate arena is unparalled. He brings in an array of thoughts into approaching a problem from his vast experiences working wiith corporate powerhouses. This course perfectly illustrates the depth of his problem solving approach and ability. I'm sure the students will appreciate the online content as much as they vouch for the live mentoring sessions ~ Manan A
  14. I really enjoyed your course, in particular the golden rules. They're easy to remember and well articulated. Thank you! ~ Deborah S

What you'll learn

  1. Develop mutually rewarding relationship with your boss and managers
  2. Understand common styles managers follow and learn to avoid unnecessary friction
  3. Communicate with your boss in a way that makes you reliable and dependable
  4. Get your manager to mentor you in your career growth
  5. Partnering and joint problem solving approach that helps both you and your boss grow!


  1. During the course: Be open-minded - pls keep aside any prejudice you may have about your boss. Keep the big picture in mind - you are doing this for your career growth!
  2. Strictly speaking, course requirements are: You, your strong desire to learn and hunger to grow - nothing else!
  3. After the Course: Be courageous; put to use at least two of the many practices taught in the course.

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