Master Your Mental Health in 5 Days - Certificated

5 Day Mastering Programme and 11 Coping Strategies to eliminate stress, depression and anxiety from your life - PROVEN

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"I suffered from severe depression, stress and anxiety as a result of financial problems. This ended my 16 year marriage and caused me health problems resulting in 14 operations over a 7 year period on my vocal cords. Often I was unable to speak.

I hit rockbottom, so I took myself on a journey and I discovered how to solve all my mental health issues. Now I am in control of my life and know the secrets to mastering mental health.

All my problems have gone and my life is now brilliant.

I am now sharing my secrets to help over 100,000 people get control back over their lives and master their mental health. I hope this includes you."



This course has been specifically designed to help all those people whose life is being ruined because of stress, depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition.


However, this course is NOT for everyone. This is because I take a no nonsense approach, I am brutally honest and tell you exactly what you must do to master your mental health. I will tell you that your problems are actually an illusion, I will prove it to you and you will see for yourself that I am right. The tools and techniques I give you take less than 60 seconds and you will quickly see your perceived problems just disappear.

Having helped 1,000's of people, I have learned there are three types of people.

Type 1: Those who do what I say and they master their mental health, and their lives are great.

Type 2: Those who say they will do what I say, but in the end do nothing. Their lives remain crap.

Type 3: Those who like moaning about their problems, worrying and feeling crap.


If you are Type 2 or 3 person, don't buy this course because you are wasting your time and money.

This course is built on three simple principles:


The reason why so many people suffer mental health issues is because they have given away control over different aspects of their lives - relationships, health, money, confidence etc. In this course you will learn that you were given control over your life when you were born, but due to bad experiences and bad decisions you have lost confidence resulting in you giving that control to other people.

I put you back in CONTROL of your life with an incredibly powerful technique in under 60 seconds.

This is important because it means you can then feel the difference between your life now which can be 'crap', and feeling STRONG AND AMAZING after my technique.


It is impossible for the two opposite things to exist in the space at the same time - like being warm and cold. I will teach you the power of choice and because you have control back over your life, you will be able to make choices that totally benefit you. 

For example, you can choose to feel sad and down or great and excited.

When you choose to be 'excited' it is impossible to feel depressed. I will give you my personal secret tools to give you the strength to make CHOICES that make you life amazing.


When you have mental health issues, it often feels like you have no direction in life. This is principally because all your perceived problems mean you have lost sight of your purpose. Its like getting lost in the woods and unable to find the path out.

In this course I will show you your purpose in life and how to build that purpose back into your daily life. This means from when you wake up, your life will feel great because you have a purpose and a direction to that day.


The course is structured into the following sections:

KNOWLEDGE: If you are going to build a house, you need a solid foundation or it will fall over. So to master your mental health, you need valuable knowledge as that foundation on how life works. Therefore I will tell you:

  1. Your purpose in life and why you are here
  2. How the spiritual world wants to help you 24/7 make your life amazing

5 DAY MASTERING PLAN: Every day comes with the a valuable 'mastering' lesson, a powerful exercise you must do and a programme for that day. The 5 days cover the following valuable lessons :

  1. WANT: Know the 50 things you want in life, instead of focusing on everything that you don't want
  2. CONTROL: Powerful technique that puts you back in control of your life
  3. CHOICE: Giving you the inner strength to make the choices that really benefit you
  4. EXCITED: This is the key that unlocks the door to eternal happiness
  5. PURPOSE: Define yours and suddenly your life has meaning, direction and wonderful things happen

11 COPING TECHNIQUES: Because every one is different, I have created 11 different coping techniques that you can use to deal with anxieties, stresses, depression moments or times when you feel down and want to feel great again.

Each technique is short (like 60 seconds) and powerful. You pick the one(s) you like and feel the difference immediately.

21 DAY HABIT PLAN: When you have mental health problems, it also means you have developed bad habits like focusing on problems or looking for the worst in situations. I have created a daily plan that is simple, easy, makes you feel great and puts you back in control of your life.

When you do this plan for 21 days, you develop habits that support a fantastic life where you have no mental health problems.

Its just like re-programming your life, but doing it in just 21 days.

DAILY SUPPORT: All my students are able to join my facebook page where you receive daily support, inspiration, motivation and training to make sure your life is amazing each and every day.



"I do hope you can join me on a fantastic journey where I am able to help you master your mental health and make YOUR LIFE totally amazing (like mine).

'Stay excited.'

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone with a mental health issue
  2. Anyone who is fed up with their life
  3. Anyone who wants to wake up excited and enjoy each and every day


  1. Such an enthusiastic teacher, wonderful. You must love him. Never, ever boring, always interesting and giving good advice for a life without a lot of troubles ~ Erwin G
  2. One more fantastic course by Marc! I am a Life Coach and I attend every new Marc's course. For me is new knowledge and new tools make better life to me and my people. Thank you Mark!!! ~ George A
  3. Very well organised. The techniques and the coping mechanisms are pretty empowering and it is the way how to shift your mental state and how to fill with energy! Keep it positive! It is soooo uplifting and gives clarity to manage anything that comes! Thank you Marc for this amazing and inspiring course! As an energy healer myself, I have dealt in my past many similar situations and this was the way I got through of them! Also, this is how I guide my clients through every emotional state that brings them down! Awesome! Thank you again! ~ Elena G
  4. Loved the course. It was well structured and provided easy strategies to implement. The explanation was simple and motivating. Absolutely recommend this course to those who want to improve their life ~ Preeti K
  5. Very simple yet very effective techniques have been shared by Marc. Just by watching the videos I got pumped up. Length of each video is perfect and doesn't make you bored while watching. This is my second course with Marc and I must say that he is amazing mentor. Highly recommended for everyone ~ Bhavna D
  6. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their mental health ~ A McGarrity
  7. This course was way beyond my expectations. The advice given is clear and concise and has helped me transform my life. If you are having mental health issues or even just feeling a lack of purpose in your life this course is perfect for you ~ Julie C
  8. This course is enjoyable to watch, it's fairly early in the course for me but I am looking forward to learning more. Things I like so far are; Marc has passion about the topic, his videos are easy to watch and the sound is great! He stays on topic and speaks clearly and concisely. Number 3 video Knowledge-why you are here was interesting and got me thinking ~ K Davis

What you'll learn

  1. You will learn in 5 days how to master your mental health so the stress, depression and anxiety disappear from your life. BOOM gone instantly :)
  2. You will learn where mental health problems originate so that it is so much easier to eradicate them from your life
  3. You will learn a really powerful technique that will in 60 seconds put you back in CONTROL of your life and you will feel strong and powerful
  4. You will learn how to face your fears, let those fears pass you by, so they no longer form any part of your life
  5. You will learn that life is about CHOICE and I give you the tools so you have the confidence to choose a life without depression or other mental health issues
  6. How to use 11 different coping strategies that will in 60 seconds allow you to feel great and be in total control of your life
  7. I will show you how to define your PURPOSE and build that into a daily programme where your life increases in value and happiness
  8. You will learn why there is so much spiritual help available to support you 24/7 to help make your life amazing


Being totally fed up with your life so YOU have a desire to want to change.

Course Content

12 Sections 44 Lectures 2h 45m total length

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