Meditation & Metaphysics Volume Two

Learn how to apply metaphysical thinking to improve your life and make your desires reality.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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As students of metaphysics and meditation, you are limitless. The Universe, in its tremendous and infinite versatility of expression, exists at the center of your being as your True-Self.

Through the practices of Mindfulness, Affirmation and Meditation the transformative awareness of Eternal Cosmic Consciousness within you begins to surface for the manifestation of prosperity in all aspects of your life.

Over a duration of meditation, the innate ability of Intuitive ESP begins to arise in the student. A telepathic response between the conscious mind and the power and presence of Eternal Cosmic Consciousness within. Intuitive Extrasensory Perception occurs for the manifestation of Absolute Prosperity in one's life, bringing one into harmony with the natural benevolence of the Universe.

A plethora of techniques are provided with the express intention of making you more sensitive to the presence of Cosmic Consciousness within you which causes further well-being in your daily life, in addition to providing you with a higher degree of self-confidence and inner tranquility.

Regarding the ability to manifest your desires as physical reality, the topic of materialization is given an extensive degree of focus.

Grasping that all minds are individualized manifestations of Universal Mind experiencing itself, emphasis is placed on the significant topic of Self-Love which is integral to the experience of real prosperity in life.

Who this course is for

Students of life's mysteries.

What you'll learn

  1. How to be Multifaceted
  2. Cosmic Mind Telepathy for Absolute Prosperity
  3. Transcendent Awareness
  4. Sensitivity Training
  5. Motivation and Mindfulness
  6. Positive Reaction
  7. True Motivation
  8. Positive Reflex
  9. Manifestation
  10. Metaphysics and Absolute Prosperity
  11. Self-Love


A desire to improve one's life for the better.

Course Content

11 Sections 46 Lectures 1h 7m total length

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