Passive Income Masterclass

The exact 4 steps to build automated online income generating machine.

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Create an automated online income generating machine in your spare time! Watch this Masterclass that will help you create a passive income source and eventually achieve financial freedom in your life.

You will learn the 4 easy and repeatable steps to create free cashflow for you and your family month on month. These 4 steps can be applied to grow any online business.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

How to Set Up an Online Business in Your Spare Time

  1. All you need is 30 minutes/day or 3 hrs a week
  2. It's not zero work but its simple and repeatable work

4 Simple and Reliable Steps

  1. Powerful content
  2. A relatable lead magnet
  3. Thoughtful email autoresponder
  4. A desirable digital product

The Complete Customer Journey Loop

  1. Easy steps to get your target audience from being a stranger to becoming your subscriber and then a customer
  2. Secrets to build a valuable long term relationship with your target audience

How to Make Your Business Profitable, Scalable and Sustainable

  1. Profitable: the cost of setting up the business is negligible
  2. Scalable: everything is digital enabling unlimited inventory
  3. Sustainable: most of the processes can be easily automated

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes that Naive Online Entrepreneurs Make

This is a proven system that WORKS, if YOU put in work.

SIDE EFFECT: You might quit your 9-5 job :)

Who this course is for

  1. You are looking to escape the 9 to 5 rat race and live a life on your terms
  2. You run a business but is struggling to scale
  3. You want to spend more time with family & friends


  1. I'm really happy to get this course. It was the exact thing that I have been looking for. Thanks for the organizers ~ Ozodbek K
  2. Concise, Understandable and Practicable ~ Tosin A
  3. The best passive income course I have had in years, opened my understanding to value and worth of digital products. Thank You Rashmi ~ Chinedum I

What you'll learn

  1. FOUR Easy, Simple and Repeatable steps to earn passive income
  2. Build an automated online income generating machine in your spare time
  3. Proven system to build a profitable, scalable & sustainable business without paid marketing
  4. Biggest mistakes naive entrepreneurs make that you could avoid


  1. Laptop
  2. Internet
  3. Drive to put in work
  4. It is not zero work! But it is simple & repeatable work

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