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Me and The Age of 30 – Have I Learned Important Lessons?

When you look at the title, you might think that this is one of the cliché articles that will try give your a few points about turning 30 in a humorous and witty way.

I can tell you, it is exactly that.

However, I do not write this because writing articles that has milestones and a few points in it is popular and interesting. I write this simply because I want to (and also because I think it would help share some unique experiences).

I am Perçin, and I am 30. Even though most people think I look younger than my age (thank you God), it does not change the fact that I am 30 years old (not that there is anything wrong with it).

Though there is no fundamental difference between being 29, 30 or 31, when you reach a round number (30 in my case), you tend to sit down and reflect (always good to put things on paper).

My self-reflection question was:

'What have been some fundamentally important lessons I have come across in those 30 years?'

After putting some thought in it, I came up with some headlines. And I think these headlines are worth sharing.

Before I start, I must also say that especially the past 3 years have been extremely teaching, emotional, challenging, inspiring and mind-changing for me (both for personal and professional reasons).

And with all these in mind, I have learned (and still trying to learn).

Me and The Age of 30 – Have I Learned Important Lessons?

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Striving to Do What You Love to Do

As Tony Robbins famously said, people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in decades.

When you understand what you love in life (it can range from dancing to operating surgery, being an engineer to singing) and take steps for it, you somehow start being involved in it.

When you become involved in it, you understand how to make it a part of your life.

When you understand how to make it a part of your life, you start doing it professionally.

When what you love becomes your job, you do not feel like working for a minute.

When you love doing it, you become successful at it.

And that is the most valuable thing in life, doing what you love to do.

I work as a trainer/speaker. Sometimes there are days that I give chain trainings for 5-6 days. And I do not complain one single moment. Because I found what I love to do in this life and I love doing it.

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Understanding Your ‘Why’

To love what you do, understanding your 'why' is essential. For example in my case, when I only say 'what' I do, as in:

'I give speeches'

That does not mean anything, neither to me, nor to the people that I try to convey my message to.

When I understand and internalize my 'why', which in my case is

'To inspire and to be inspired'

Then it means a lot to me and the people I convey my message to. And that is exactly what wakes you up from the bed every single morning, ready to rock.

How Valuable it is to be Productive

Having a productive mindset is like going to the gym. The more you think, elaborate, reflect and focus on ideas and implementing them, the more you enjoy doing it and your mind gets 'fitter'. After a while you just cannot stop being productive and coming up with ideas and projects. When you get yourself into a productive mindset, you start achieving things that you would not imagine a few years back.

I find Elon Musk as a great example of how being productive brings to you things beyond your imagination, first founding Paypal, then Tesla and then SpaceX (and still coming up with millions of ideas).

Mind is a muscle, it works more when you work it.

Listening Actively

Since almost everything we do is about 'people', we will see the miracles when we actually start listening to people. In today’s society, active listening is one of the hardest traits to find. When you look in somebody’s eye and actually listen to them, without thinking what to say next and what do cook for dinner or how many likes you have on instagram, then you will see how you easily communicate with people.

As an entrepreneur, I came to the understanding that instead of constantly trying to talk, I would rather listen. You cannot imagine the benefits it brought so far.

Listen to people and you will see how it changes your life.

Understanding Your Subconscious

When you understand the difference between focusing on something on a conscious and subconscious level, you will understand how important it is to also make sure that our subconscious actually wants what we want on a conscious level.

Shortly, while the conscious part of our brain has around 3000 neurons, our subconscious has more than 2 billion neurons. It is often the case that we want something and somehow can not achieve it (earning money is a good example in that).

One of the main reasons is we do not want this on a subconscious level, because we think money is for bad people, it is evil etc… As long as we are on this mindset, we will not earn money, because we will keep sabotaging ourselves.

It is the same for other things too. For a relationship, for getting the promotion you want, for learning English. Anything.

To practice in this, I close my eyes every morning and night and repeat these words.

'I am a worldwide known trainer'.

'I am on the stage in 'x' stadium, giving a speech to 50.000 people'.

'I give speeches around the world'.

'I am earning millions from this'.

These are things that I have not achieved yet. However I repeat them as I already had.

That is because the subconscious cannot distinguish between truth and fiction. When you repeat your goals as you already have had them, your mind focuses its energy on that goal. After that, all you have to do is to keep working hard towards that goal.

I suggest the wonderful book 'The Ant and the Elephant' by Vince Posente for more elaboration on this.

Getting a Hobby

Get a hobby, do what you like, regardless where you are, who you are. Apart from having amazing fun in doing something you truly enjoy and blowing off steam, meeting people with common interests is very valuable, both in a personal and professional level.

In my case, being a member of the Toastmasters speaking club, apart from being a great experience, allowed me to be a TEDX speaker. One of the members of the club was in the TEDX organizing committee and recommended my name as a speaker, which had ultimately led to achieving one of my biggest dreams.

Working Your Ass Off

Successful people have one common trait, working their asses off. Coming home at 22:00, working for 10 days straight, going from town to town, facing constant failure or dealing with success…

Simply, you cannot dunk like Jordan if you do not practice dunking more times than him.

The good thing is, when your job is something that you love doing, you will not feel like working at all, even though you will work more than all other people.

To 'Love'

In this world where people choose to act on 'fear' or 'love', be in the 'love' side. Allowing our inner fears, coming from our childhoods and not dealing with them will carry on to our adulthood and let us act on fear (fear of abandonment, lost, loneliness etc…) Those deep fears will come to the surface as hate, jealousy, violence, blaming and all other sorts.

When we reflect our fears and understand that they are not true anymore, when we stop blaming people and circumstances and when we understand to be thankful for everything we go through, then we will learn to love.

Because by loving things and people, actually it is ourselves, who we love.

And no one can hurt or stop someone that loves her/himself (I am not talking about narcissistic self loathing).

Now I am 30 and I am so happy about it. I believe every age has its beauty and they all should be cherished.

The important thing, as Micheal Jordan famously says is 'not how many breathes you take, but how many moments took your breath away'. And to sum it all up, this is the understanding I came in the age of 30.

Hope you find some inspiration in the article.

Enjoy your 30’s.

Percin Imrek
Featured Uplyrn Expert
Percin Imrek
TEDx Speaker, International Trainer, Author
Subjects of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, English Teaching
Featured Uplyrn Expert
Percin Imrek
TEDx Speaker
International Trainer

Subjects of Expertise

Public Speaking
English Teaching

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