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Out of Control Impact: Share Your Story & Make a Difference

Have you ever wanted to do something and in the next moment you've convinced yourself that you can't? You could feel it in your guts that it is yours to doyours to create...and then the fear, insecurities and limitations, rushed in… and took over.

“The heart has no questions, the head has no answers” - Dr. Sean Stephenson

We have it backwards: we let our mind decide what our heart desires we get to have. When we listen to our heart’s desires and use our brain to create the plan for achieving it, we become unstoppable, we are invincible, we create an out of control impact, out of our control!

Last year, I woke up with a vivid memory of very traumatizing events that I've been a victim of. In fact, the events were so traumatizing that my brain blocked them for a decade from my memory.

I instantly decided: ‘Nobody could ever know about this!”

And then, in the very next moment: “Holy shit, this is exactly what I need to share with the world!”

And so it is!

This past March, I published my story, my first memoir.

Out of Control Impact: Share Your Story & Make a Difference

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Raising My Voice. The Memoir of an Immigrant.

My story is out.

  • For anyone to read
  • For anyone to know.
  • There is no hiding
  • There are no secrets
  • Visibility, just got upgraded!

My story is not just mine, it's so many other people's stories, it is the very reason why I shared it with the world. It is my intention to help another human, see themselves in my story and find through the pages of my book the evidence and inspiration they need to raise their voice!

Shortly after I published my book, I was invited to speak at Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) in Melbourne Australia. Afterwards, I've received this email:

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and passion with our year 9 students as they were about to embark on an 8-week personal and community journey of discovery! They were inspired by your words of encouragement but also through normalizing that life is tough sometimes. Most importantly they took away your message to trust and believe in yourself and find your own voice.

I have just finished your book Raising my Voice – there was laughter, tears and triumph as I read your story of courage and determination. My heart ached for your teenage self as you sought your parent’s approval to the ultimate triumph of “Simona freakin Spark…”

Today my book is part of this college's library for all their students, teen girls, to read my story! No, this was not part of my plans. This is an impact out of my control!

Tell me, do ever think about the privilege of having access to so much inspiration through books, social media, podcasts, etc? The opportunity to be inspired, uplifted, transformed, impacted is at the tip of our fingers! Internet! What a gift!

Everything that it's ever published creates an impact.

Everything that we publish creates an impact

Last week I've received these pictures from MLC.

My son asked me:

"How would your life be impacted if you could read your story when you were 16?"

Holy sh*t! Right? This is why he is my teacher :)

His question got me reflecting back to my teens years and once again, traveling all the way to who I am today.

Today, my story is fully integrated, in every cell of my identity: this is my legacy!

  • My story is forever
  • My story is impacting lives
  • Impact, just got upgraded!

Imagine, what difference would have made for you if you were to read your story decades ago.

Today, we have the chance to be that person for someone else!

Don't you want to help someone who is now where you were a while ago?

So why don't you do it?

Is the imperfect language enough reason to not do it?

Is the imperfect website enough reason to not do it?

The impact does not belong to the creator, it belongs to the receiver.

Let’s create an OUT OF CONTROL impact!

Out of control!

Out of our control!

Raise your voice to create an impact! 

You can also check out my online course here.

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Simona Spark
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Simona Spark
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Subjects of Expertise: Personal Transformation, Relationships, Health & Wellness
Featured Uplyrn Expert
Simona Spark
TEDx Speaker
Transformational Master Coach
Bestselling Author

Subjects of Expertise

Personal Transformation
Health & Wellness

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