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The Benefits of a One-Track Mind: Focus Your Way to Success

When someone tells you that you have a one-track mind, how do you feel?

I don’t care if someone says that to me as an insult or compliment.

It’s a statement about focus, which is a great thing.

And considering the power of the mind to create worlds and reality, getting the mind centered is really an essential thing.

Multitasking is a myth when it comes to productivity and excellence.

The Benefits of a One-Track Mind: Focus Your Way to Success

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There are tons of benefits of having a one-track mind

What you focus on grows. If you’re intent on reaching your goals, having a one-track mind is an exact way to be thinking.

Most of us are goal-setters. We realize that in order to have what we want, we have to be forward-thinking.

Enter: imagination and action-taking.

However, the villain in this story is DISTRACTION.

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It’s super-easy to get distracted and lose focus

Especially in the digital age.

Spend any amount of time on social media and you will probably find yourself doing something other than what you intentionally went there for.

Maybe you wanted to post a new video for something you’ve been working on. Or maybe you wanted to tell your friends about an opportunity or project you’re working on.

But something happened along the way that made your intentional posting not happen as planned……

You got distracted by a different post that looked funny or grabbed your attention. Then you saw another post from a different friend that took away your focus. And the snowball of posts, videos, pics, and everything else began to fall.

Get back on track

At some point you might have remembered what it was you were originally going to do.

But how much time did making that one update take?

I’m seeing the distraction-time-sucker take place a lot, even with me. I have big goals and plans that are more important than distractions. So here’s what I’m doing to stay on track:

  • Being solid in my dedication to focusing on specific things as directed by my spirit instead of my mind.

The mind can be like a dog watching the road and chasing every car, person, bicycle, squirrel, etc it sees. Getting out of the mind and into the heart and spirit is key. That way the mind can do what it does best and be creative.

Call it having a One-Track Mind

This means that I take the time each day to get my mind, heart, body and spirit into alignment. It takes discipline to listen to Spirit give instructions and direction for the day.

Some ways that I’ve practiced getting centered and focused on the one thing I need to do for the day are to have and write down:

  • a grateful diary
  • a list of affirmations I write by hand
  • my dreams and desires for the week and month
  • imagine a scene that implies what I want has already happened

After I write my journal, I read it out loud to myself to further plant what I want and am focused on inside me.

The daily affirmations alone make a massive impact on my confidence to push through obstacles and experience success.

I’m already seeing exponential results. The practice of starting and ending the day with a clear focus makes a massive difference in getting things done, not getting distracted, and taking the appropriate actions for execution.

Putting a one-track-mind into its most effective gear for growth

Big picture goals are essential. Don’t forget, those who play the long game are those who succeed.

Before getting started on my day, I meditate and listen to what Divine Love wants me to do for the day. This is more than having a to-do list or goal sheet. And it’s a LOT better. This is about being focused on just one thing. And doing it with excellence and full commitment. It’s also about surrender to the process.

Focus and dedication are compliments. It takes work, but it’s well worth it.

Break down your goal setting into incremental actions you can take each day to move forward.

Stay focused on what your intuition/Divine guidance gives you. Don’t let yourself get distracted.

“It’s not as easy as you say it is….”

Let’s be honest: social media serves more as a distraction vehicle than it does a connection or productivity resource.

It’s useful and helpful in staying connected to your friends, prospects, customers, and others you want to network with. But it takes discipline to not spend egregious amounts of time jumping from post to post, video to video, and so forth.

If you need to take a break from your action-ing, give yourself a 15-minute window to break away. But be sure to finish your daily action items so that you can win for the day. That’s how progress is made.

If this kind of focus feels like more than you can stay committed to, give yourself some grace and kindness. It’s difficult stuff because we’re not trained in school to focus on specific tasks. Plus, it’s human nature to follow your mind to whatever it wants to think about.

Don’t give up on your goals. Be focused on fully completing your One-Track-Mind actions until you’re finished.

D Grant Smith
Featured Uplyrn Expert
D Grant Smith
Transformational Life Coach, Empowerment Superhero, Published Author
Subjects of Expertise: Confidence Building, Personal Development, Captivating & Immersive Storytelling
Featured Uplyrn Expert
D Grant Smith
Transformational Life Coach
Empowerment Superhero
Published Author

Subjects of Expertise

Confidence Building
Personal Development
Captivating & Immersive Storytelling

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