Utility Value of COM-SUR™ to Enhance Cyber Security

In our series of white papers focusing on the optimal usage of CCTV surveillance systems at business verticals from an Airport to a Zoo, we have explored the challenges faced by each vertical and have recommended the "little more" that they need to do to achieve optimal outcomes from surveillance video.

This paper aims to highlight the utility value of COM-SUR, the world's only CCTV video footage auditing software, in enhancing cyber security across these diverse verticals. This paper makes a case for following certain methods and protocols by which organizations can strengthen their cyber security initiatives and proactively detect and prevent potential threats.

Utility Value of COM-SUR™ to Enhance Cyber Security

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Challenges Related to Cyber Security

  1. Cyber Threats: Organizations are constantly targeted by cyber criminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in their systems. These threats encompass various types of attacks, such as hacking, data breaches, ransomware, and phishing attempts.
  2. Insider Threats: Alongside external threats, organizations must also address the risks posed by insiders, including employees, contractors, or individuals with authorized access to critical systems. Insider threats can result from intentional actions or negligence, leading to data leaks or unauthorized access.
  3. Compliance Requirements: Organizations across different sectors must comply with industry regulations and data protection laws. Failing to meet compliance requirements can lead to severe consequences, including legal penalties and reputational damage.

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Leveraging CCTV Video Footage Auditing for Cyber Security

Auditing CCTV footage can play a crucial role in enhancing cyber security initiatives within organizations. By adopting a proactive approach and leveraging the features of COM-SUR, organizations can address the challenges mentioned above and strengthen their cyber defences. The following points outline the key benefits and recommendations for utilizing CCTV video footage auditing:

Daily Auditing as Standard Operating Procedure

Implementing a daily CCTV video footage auditing process as a standard operating procedure of all those cameras that are relevant in terms of cyber security allows organizations to detect potential cyber security threats and incidents in a timely manner. Trained personnel can review the footage to identify suspicious activities, unauthorized access attempts, or any anomalies that may indicate a cyber-attack. Daily auditing helps organizations stay ahead of potential threats and take immediate action to mitigate risks.

Incident Documentation and Analysis

Documenting audit findings and incidents in a standardized template provides a valuable resource for root cause analysis and preventive measures. Analyzing historical data helps identify patterns and trends, enabling organizations to implement effective security measures and prevent future recurrences.

By sharing this standardized data across the industry, relevant authorities can derive actionable intelligence and take collective action for the benefit of all organizations.

Ensuring Disaster Recovery of CCTV Video Footage

To safeguard against data loss or tampering, organizations should ensure the disaster recovery of CCTV video footage. Storing footage at multiple locations and implementing robust backup solutions protects against theft, destruction, or tampering of video data. Easy searchability and retrieval of backed-up data enable efficient investigations and evidence gathering in case of cyber security incidents.

Displaying Dynamic Information at Relevant Places

Displaying dynamic information, such as lists of authorized personnel or known suspects, in relevant areas enhances situational awareness and aids in preventing cyber security breaches. This information helps staff members identify individuals who may pose a potential threat and enables them to report any suspicious activities promptly.

CCTV Signage: "For Everyone's Safety, We Check CCTV Footage Every Day"

To reinforce the importance of daily CCTV footage auditing and create awareness among employees, visitors, and potential wrongdoers, it is recommended to display prominent signage throughout the premises. A simple and powerful message such as "For everyone's safety, we check CCTV footage every day" can serve as a visual reminder of the organization's commitment to security.

This signage not only communicates the organization's proactive stance on security but also acts as a deterrent to potential threats.

By highlighting the presence of active surveillance and regular auditing, the signage sends a strong message that any illegal or suspicious activities captured by the cameras will be reviewed and investigated. It enhances the perception of security and creates a sense of accountability for all individuals within the organization's premises.

Moreover, a CCTV signage with the above 'message' helps instil confidence in stakeholders, including employees, customers, and visitors, by reassuring them that the organization is actively taking measures to ensure their safety and protect their interests. The visual impact of such signage plays a vital role in establishing a security-conscious culture and acts as a constant reminder of the organization's commitment to maintaining a secure environment.

De-Centralized Surveillance for Optimal Results

Organizations with multiple locations can benefit from a combination of de-centralized and centralized surveillance approaches. De-centralized surveillance provides higher accountability at each location and improves situational awareness. By leveraging COM-SUR and adopting a de-centralized surveillance strategy, organizations can increase the chances of detecting exceptions, including potential cyber security threats.

Why AI Alone Cannot Work

While artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have shown tremendous potential in various domains, relying solely on AI for cyber security may not be sufficient. AI solutions, including video analytics and machine learning algorithms, can only detect what they have been specifically trained for. They are limited by their programming and the data they have been exposed to during training. As a result, they may not be able to identify novel or unexpected threats.

Furthermore, AI-powered systems often generate false positives, triggering unnecessary alerts and causing security teams to waste valuable time and resources investigating non-existent threats. Ethical and privacy concerns also surround certain AI technologies, such as facial recognition, raising questions about their reliability and accuracy, particularly for specific ethnic groups.

While AI technologies continue to evolve and offer valuable capabilities, human intervention and intelligence remain crucial for verifying alerts, addressing emerging threats, and ensuring the efficacy of security measures.

A holistic approach that combines human expertise with AI technologies can provide more comprehensive and reliable cyber security solutions.

‘COM-SUR’ – The World’s Only CCTV Video Footage Auditing, Smart Backup, and Standardized Intelligent Incident Reporting Software – The Missing Piece of CCTV

COM-SUR is a CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup, and standardized intelligent incident reporting software that serves as a complete workflow and force multiplier.

It helps audit 24 hours of footage in minutes, reduces data size, creates standardized intelligent reports, and delivers business intelligence. COM-SUR helps unlock hidden information in CCTV footage and enables people to gain actionable intelligence, improve homeland security, prevent crime and losses, identify and mitigate threats and hazards, and improve operational efficiency. It empowers people to gain new jobs as CCTV video footage auditors and start new businesses of auditing video footage. Like MS Office, COM-SUR is an enabler that makes it easy to work with CCTV cameras in a standardized way, leading to better decision-making. It also offers exceptional investigative capabilities.


In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security, organizations must take proactive measures to protect their systems and data. By incorporating CCTV video footage auditing into their cyber security initiatives, businesses across various verticals can strengthen their defences and mitigate potential threats. COM-SUR offers a comprehensive solution for daily auditing, incident documentation, disaster recovery, and standardized reporting.

The challenges faced by organizations, from airports to zoos, share commonalities in terms of cyber security risks. By implementing the recommendations outlined in this paper, businesses can enhance their cyber security posture and stay ahead of potential threats. Auditing CCTV footage on a daily basis, documenting incidents, ensuring disaster recovery, displaying dynamic information, adding a new and standardized CCTV signage with a powerful 'message', and adopting a de-centralized surveillance approach contribute to a robust cyber security framework.

The utility value of COM-SUR extends beyond traditional security purposes, enabling organizations to harness the power of video surveillance to proactively detect and prevent cyber security breaches. By embracing the "little more" in their CCTV usage, organizations can achieve optimal outcomes and safeguard their critical assets.

Investing in cyber security measures is not an option but a necessity in today's interconnected world. By leveraging the capabilities of COM-SUR and adopting a proactive approach to CCTV video footage auditing, organizations can reinforce their cyber security defences and ensure a safer and more secure environment for their operations.

Don't wait for cyber security incidents to occur. Take the necessary steps today to enhance your organization's cyber security with COM-SUR, the missing piece in your CCTV surveillance strategy.

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National Occupational Standards have been set by India's Skill Development Ministry for 'CCTV VIDEO FOOTAGE AUDITOR' for the first time in the world.

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