Procrastination Masterclass

How to Boost Your Motivation and Stop Postponing

Last updated 5/2023 English

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What would your life look like without procrastination? According to the latest scientific research, you’d be less stressed, more productive, healthier, and statistically live longer. Gain a practical toolkit to overcome procrastination with the co-author of the worldwide bestselling book The End of Procrastination, over 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

"While wasting our time hesitating and procrastinating, life goes on.” ~ Seneca, roman philosopher

This course will explain the causes of procrastination and give you specific and practical tools to help you to win over it every day.

  1. Based on 120+ scientific studies
  2. Easy, smart & practical tools
  3. Applicable for everyday life

In the course you will learn:

  • Why people procrastinate and what current science knows about procrastination.
  • What decision paralysis is and why it has such a negative effect on us.
  • How human motivation works and how to properly set yourself up to have long-term motivation.
  • How to find your personal vision, define your strengths and use them to do meaningful things.
  • How our self-control works and how to strengthen your willpower.
  • How to become more efficient and learn positive new habits while unlearning the bad ones.
  • How to organize your time and tasks so that you can do more without getting tired.
  • How to better manage personal failures and overcome fear of change.

Who this course is for

Everyone who wants improve motivation, strengthen willpower and learn practical tools to overcome procrastination.


  1. “Great course, I appreciate that it was not just "talking", but that the course was very practical with clearly applicable advice and tips! :)”
  2. “Definitely a course that I would recommend to all who have a problem with procrastination. Helpful advice on how to improve efficiency and make better use of your time.”
  3. “For me, it was a whole new perspective on the problem of procrastination. Thoroughly explained from A to Z, practical instructions, very understandable presentation, and quite motivating interpretation.”
  4. “Explore procrastination? That has its purpose! Specific instructions and concrete steps in a thoughtful course prove that knowing your problem can be half of the success. The other half is up to you - but it's comfortable since you will already have the instructions. I also appreciate motivational quotes and additional resources.”

What you'll learn

  1. 8 science-based tools to stop procrastinating
  2. Organize time smarter without getting overloaded
  3. Improve motivation and overall life satisfaction
  4. Reduce stress and get rid of deadline panic
  5. Work more effectively and have more free time
  6. Be better at setting priorities and planning
  7. How to learn positive new habits while unlearning bad ones

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