Relieve Your Stress with 10 Techniques

Last updated 10/2022 English

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Do you have stress in life or career? If so, learn the basics from simple videos and implement 10 stress management techniques.

What you get in this online course?

  1. What is stress with example
  2. NLP importance in stress management
  3. Find your sources of stress
  4. 10 stress management techniques
  5. 1 stress management activity (PMR)
  6. 1-to-1 video coaching
Who this course is for
  1. Working professionals
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Recent graduates
What you'll learn
  1. How to find your stress sources
  2. NLP in stress management
  3. 10 stress management techniques
  4. CRA technique
  5. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) method
  1. Willingness to learn new methods
  2. Willingness to do assignment
  3. Watch all videos

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