Save Time & Scale Digital Marketing with Automation

The Zapier Course: Save Time and Scale Digital Marketing With Automation.

Last updated 1/2023 English

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What if you could automatically publish new YouTube videos to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile and Pinterest board?  

How much time would you save if you could automatically add new subscribers and customers into any email marketing service or sales funnel?  

You can do all of this and much more with Zapier at  

If you want to make amazing workflows with web apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, Google Sheets, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, PayPal, SMS and thousands more, you will love learning how to get started with Zapier!

  1. Calendly Call to ActiveCampaign and SMS!
  2. Coinbase Received SMS (via Gmail)!
  3. SoundCloud to Facebook Page and Twitter
  4. WooCommerce Order to ActiveCampaign and SMS Notification!
  5. WooCommerce Subscription notifications via SMS!
  6. Worthy Question SMS (via Gmail)!
  7. YouTube Video Published to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!
  8. Acuity Scheduling Call to ActiveCampaign!
  9. Create stories in Medium for new posts in WordPress!
  10. Discord FB Live to Twitter!
  11. Get SMS alerts for new web page changes detected by Wachete!
  12. Patreon add to email list on ActiveCampaign!
  13. Podcast to Facebook and Twitter!
  14. Share Your MailChimp Campaigns on Twitter!
  15. WordPress Post to Social Media!

In this course, we begin with an introduction of what Zapier is and how you can use it followed by tutorials showing how to automate specific tasks! When you are intending to build a business online and grow your skills as an entrepreneur, you will find the information in this course empowers you to save hours of boring manual tasks and frees you up to focus on what matters most!

You can see in the top 5 time saving zaps lecture what workflows might help you the most right away! You will see in the zap workflows section exactly how to make the zaps I find most helpful for saving me time sharing to social media as a content creator and building deeper relationships with my customers via automations in WooCommerce! 

You will learn how to share photos just to Instagram which will then automatically be shared to Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn allowing you to skip sharing to multiple platforms individually!

By the end of the class, you will be confident in your Zapier skills and ready to successfully automate your way to success! 

Thank you for reading about this class and I appreciate the chance to serve you today as your lecturer!

Who this course is for

  1. Business owners
  2. Marketers and bloggers who want to get started with marketing automation.

What you'll learn

  1. Build an advertising program that runs itself on your own.
  2. Make social media manageable by yourself

Course Content

3 Sections 20 Lectures 3h 10m total length

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