SOLID Principles in PHP: Learn How to Write Better Code

Software Architecture: Learn how to create modular, maintainable and scalable software by mastering SOLID principles.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Object Oriented Design principles, SOLID, either you love them or hate them. However, they are the crucial building blocks of your software's architecture. Unfortunately, as useful as they are, most of the material available on this subject is either too abstract or use impractical examples. Now, they do help in understanding these principles conceptually, but they lack the depth and understanding as how and where these principles can benefit you the most.

Well, in this course, I will walk you through these principles step-by-step. I have structured the course in such a way that by the end of it, not only you will have completely understood these mystical concepts but also you will be ready to apply them in your projects straight away. I will also show you how these principles can rescue you from the darkness of messy code by giving you practical examples.

In addition to that, I will also show you a few tips and tricks along the way in Laravel and a gentle introduction to testing.

Who this course is for

  1. Intermediate PHP developers
  2. Advance PHP developers
  3. Laravel developers
  4. Backend developers


  1. Best way to learn S.O.L.I.D principles with practical examples in PHP ~ Daniel C
  2. Clarified some of the harder to grasp concepts. Appreciate the help ~ M Sumner
  3. Yes, it was really good. Ali explained the principles very good with examples and exercises ~ G Polte
  4. Content is really helpful, was able to apply it to my wor ~ K Oliveros
  5. Good course for everyone! ~ R Grikštas
  6. I really love it thanks ~ Hussienattia
  7. An amazing course for anyone who really needs to improve their skill on the topic. Every aspect is well explained and clearly understood. I feel extremely satisfied that the time spent plus the token paid is more than worthwhile ~ Johnvict O
  8. Thank You, your lecture is very clear and easy to understand. Once again, really great course and recommended! ~ Irwan
  9. A perfect fit for what I wanted for SOLID principles ~ Emmanuel D

What you'll learn

  1. PHP solid principles
  2. Solid Principles OOP
  3. Object Oriented Programming
  4. Object Oriented Design
  5. Better software architecture
  6. Laravel tips and tricks along the way
  7. Introduction to Test driven development
  8. Understanding concept of decoupled code
  9. Software engineering principles
  10. PHP engineering best practices
  11. PHP design principles


  1. You should have a fair understanding of PHP
  2. Working knowledge of MVC framework will help

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