Technical SEO Advanced User Intent Structure Content Strategy

What's Keyword density, content and website structure. How to make website compatible with new search algorithm.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Learn to optimize your Website; whether its a CMS like WordPress or eCommerce like WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify website quickly for Onpage Optimization and content distribution according to algorithm and audience analysis.

You will learn about different techniques for conducting business analysis, find keyword density for content distribution, conduct keyword research, how to write titles, meta description, how to optimize website file pages, how to rename your files, or page descriptions according to the search engine algorithm.

After completing this training program you should be able to perform keyword research based on user intent and priority, implement the keywords in your title, headings, and content like product descriptions.


Learn about different types of Key Performance Indicators and how to decide your KPIs.

Content Structure

How should you structure your content? What is your user persona and avatar? What do you offer that your users want to hear about?

Website Structure

Does your website structure relate with Search engine algorithm. How can you assure website compatibility with the search engines?

SEO Structure

SEO Structure is built upon user persona, website front-end, content, social media integration.

Web Development

If you are a web developer you will get useful knowledge from this program that will help you create better SEO oriented websites using User Experience and User Interface that fulfills your client requirements and build its front-end SEO ready.

Who this course is for

  1. Small Business Owners
  2. SEO Learner
  3. Ecommerce Owner


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What you'll learn

  1. Understand SEO Business Strategy
  2. Advanced SEO
  3. Producing Result with SEO
  4. Sustainable SEO
  5. Long-term SEO
  6. Technical SEO
  7. Content Creation


  1. Having a personal website is good.
  2. If you don't have a client or a personal website, create own free website or blog to implement what is taught here.
  3. If you write content, this program will help you a lot.

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