The Art of Storytelling (Pre Primary & Primary Educators)

Learn about effective Storytelling Techniques, Methods and How to create and plan relevant classroom activities

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Stories have been around since the beginning of time, passed down to us in oral and written form and are the easiest way to connect. It is proven and universally acknowledged that stories are very effective way to communicate and learning through stories is fun.

This course explains about the importance of Storytelling and how it becomes a great learning activity for children. It also explains about effective Storytelling Techniques and methods helping children to improve their listening, literacy and thinking skills.

This is a course designed for aspiring teachers to enhance their skills in the art of storytelling. It will help them create interesting stories and keep children engaged in the classroom. Parents/Carers will learn creative ways of narrating a story that helps in strengthening their relationship with the child.

Who this course is for

  1. Early Childhood and Elementary/Primary Educators
  2. Parents/ Carergivers of young children
  3. Early Childhood Education students


  1. Very informative course. I learned about the importance of Storytelling and how to create interesting props using different material to keep children engaged in the classroom. I recommend this course to everyone to enhance your knowledge in Storytelling ~ Rishab N
  2. The course was very interesting and I can apply a lot of things to telling a story, with props and pictures, that really help the childrens' imagination. They can visualize the setting and use their own imagination. I give this course a 5 star rating and will definitely recommend it to everyone that can use this information to get children interested in reading and listening to stories ~ Theresa S
  3. I found the course very useful and learned about elements of a story after this lecture ~ Khushi V
  4. Yes, getting a clear picture. It was a good course, well explained and learnt lot about new techniques of storytelling. it even helped me to learn about various materials that can be used to make props ~ R Sadhukhan

What you'll learn

  1. The Importance of Storytelling and engaging classroom activities which help in enhancing children listening and speaking skills.
  2. The five basic and important elements of a story.
  3. A good understanding of effective storytelling techniques which make a story engaging for the audience.
  4. A greater understanding of interesting storytelling methods.
  5. Creating classroom / home set ups based on themes - Forest, Halloween, Christmas, Ocean & Construction
  6. Making creative and colorful props using various materials like paper, foam, cotton, cloth, stone and wood


  1. Interest in Creative Art work
  2. Curiosity about learning interesting activities to keep children engaged in the classroom/ home

Course Content

8 Sections 11 Lectures 1h 7m total length

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