The Course of Angels with Christiane Muller: Angel 71 Haiaiel

Understand the multi-dimensions of your Being and of the Universe.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Many people don't really know the symbolic meaning of the Angel... Do you wish to become the Angelic qualities, to dream, to travel to the core of your consciousness and unconsciousness? Understanding deeply how to develop the Angelic qualities in all humility, while being balanced, happy in your family and social life... while also succeeding in your professional life... spirituality, working with Angels, is in fact a good marriage of spirit and matter. Do you also wish to understand the multi-dimensions of your being and of the Universe?

If this interests you, then these courses are for you... Christiane in all simplicity will make you travel with heart through the Knowledge of the Angelic States of Consciousness, while understanding the role of "evil" which is always educational. Concrete and living examples will be shared to help you deepen your Knowledge of symbolic language... and dreams, signs will be presented and analyzed with their metaphysical and physical depth. Meditations will also accompany you to integrate the shared teachings. Each course is unique and can be viewed independently of the others...

Course Content

1 Section 1 Lecture 2h 18m total length

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