The Sound Kitchen: 3 Distinctive Characters of Sound

Sound Engineering course for musicians, volunteers, professionals. For both beginners and people with some knowledge.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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The Sound Kitchen - 3 Distinctive Characters of Sound (Great Sound Made Easy)

The Sound Kitchen is a sound engineering course aimed at anyone who is passionate about sound and wants to learn the how-to's of great sound. The course uses lots of music and it is both inspirational and technical; but make no mistake, you will have more than your money’s worth of technical insight and input.

The instruction is music based. Therefore there are always audio examples (there is also a lesson that will help you develop your hearing skills with audio clips you can download). We use a Digital Audio Workstation so that you can immediately put into practice the concepts expressed in some of the lessons, ending up making music (better) rather than just hearing someone talk about it. Furthermore, if you wanted to, you will be able to use the DAW (within the licensed time period) to exercise some sound engineering routines by yourself independently from the course.

The course is very practical and the terminology is not overly technical (again do not assume that this is a shortfall, as often seasoned engineers have learned a great deal from the course approach and teachings).

At the end of the course, you will be able to plan a sound production, choose well-suited equipment, set up a PA, and with practice, mix a production/song (live or in your home studio).

"Ears before gear": is a sentence I coined to embody the idea that the most important piece of equipment to achieve great sound is the engineer. Ultimately great gear will sound poorly if the engineer cannot use it well. The opposite is also true that average gear in the right hands will sound great. This mindset is thematic across the entire course.

Who this course is for

  1. The course is suitable for people with different knowledge and skill levels, ranging from people with no knowledge to people that work in this field.
  2. Musicians who want to understand sound engineering better
  3. Sound engineers
  4. Sound volunteers in churches/school
  5. People with some background knowledge that want to expand their understanding of sound engineering


  1. I am a high school choir and band teacher. I know very little about technology. This was amazing and did exactly what I needed it to do. It brought me up to date on the language, the functions, and the basic understanding of sound production. I loved it! ~ E Baker
  2. Tim shows a passion for what he does, and I think this resonates well with all who have a similar passion ~ E Van Zyl
  3. Get clarity on fundamentals of dealing with audio (software and hardware). I have completed 50% of the course and I am very happy to have found this course. The teacher is very experienced and knowledgeable on the subject matter. This course covers a wide variety of topics related to working with audio and should be taken by anyone who has to deal with audio in their workflow for example: voice professionals, YouTubers, podcasters, streamers, audio engineers, etc. This is the most exciting course I have taken till today. Enjoying every bit of it. My heartfelt gratitude towards the instructor Mr. Timoteo Alicino for sharing his knowledge on the subject in this high quality course ~ V Chaudhry
  4. The course opened up the world of sound engineering in a concise way ~ R Daystar
  5. This course has really boost my knowledge of sound and how to make the best mix ~ K Piater
  6. I have known the technical aspects of these first lessons for many years. It's enlightening to begin to understand the musical (perception) aspects. I look forward to the next lessons! ~ R Kolbe
  7. This course is excellent! I like the very thorough preparation in the beginning lessons to sensitize the student to the world of sound. when you begin learning to listen to sound, you realise that listening is the very essence of sound. the lessons are interesting ~ O Thom
  8. A great course with many interesting insights on the sound engineering for beginners. Favorite section for me as beginner electronic music producer was Section 3 about characteristics of a sound, which makes a solid understanding of what is sound and how it works, which I think is crucial for everyone, who deal with music. Also enjoyed a lot sections on microphones and loudspeakers ~ Iuliia S
  9. I had little to no prior knowledge in regards to music production when I first started to take this course. Now I feel more confident in my desire to create my own music. I have a very technical oriented mind so I feel like approaching sound from the perspective of an engineer is the best way to begin learning. Thank you ~ J Gomez
  10. Sir Timoteo Alicino is one of the best audio instructor I have know of his video online are very understanding and his really a good person to me thanks for the knowledge Sir ~ Akhimie E
  11. I have learned SO MUCH from Tim through this course! There are so many great concepts and great details about wires, speakers, acoustics and sound that are covered in this course that I have not been able to find easily in other sources. This course has been so incredibly valuable to go through! I highly recommend it! ~ D Williams
  12. The teacher has very deep knowledge and experience. not just technically but he is well seasoned in every aspect ~ M Vishwaroop
  13. The Tutor is got the technical know-how of what he is teaching. I am so happy i paid for this course. He can use any object around, at random, to explain what ever topic he is treating at the moment. This tutorial is value for money!!! ~ Olanrewaju A

What you'll learn

  1. Understand sound better in a musical, scientific and philosophical sense
  2. Connect the language of music to the technical language of sound
  3. Form the mindset of the greats behind sound production (for both live and recording)
  4. Be inspired like never before to pursuit great sound
  5. Use the equalizer with an in-depth understanding
  6. Build a mix


  1. Passion for music and sound (that is the first and main requirement)
  2. Preferably a decent pair of headphones
  3. Some basic understanding of math

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