Top 10 Soft Skills Needed at Work

Improve your soft skills and enjoy different training (case studies, animations, assignments and quick support)

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Soft Skills are those unique characteristics or attributes facilitating great communication. It represents your special way showing your confidence in challenging situations. At workplace, you need to apply soft skills during your communication with your manager, supervisors, or colleagues as well as during handling your work tasks.

This course - “Soft Skills: Top 10 Soft Skills Needed at Work”- will help you develop a core set of those soft skills so that you can achieve success whether in your personal or professional life.

LinCademy courses are differentiated from any other courses as they are concise (explanation is right to the point), instructional videos are developed with high quality, and case studies help you make learnt knowledge reflection on your real-life situations.

Who this course is for

Anyone wanting to develop his or her soft skills.


  1. Interesting and concise course which gives a good overview over the most important soft skills. Case studies and quizzes help to reflect the discussed topics ~ H Nguyen
  2. It was a refresher for me. The course content is precise and clear to relate to. Thanks ~ H Gopalaswami
  3. Very good and easy way to address matters in terms of working relationships ~ Daniela
  4. Yes the course is very helpful to improve my soft skiils to achieve professional goals ~ Kasturi D
  5. I really enjoyed this course and most importantly I learned a lot and acquired great knowledge that I believe would help me to succeed and be productive in my workplace and throughout my career ~ K Alshamrani
  6. It is a course with which you learn or reaffirm the softs kills, since they are topics that cannot be memorized, they are topics of practice and constant coaching. Have good working examples for each lesson ~ Hazel M
  7. This course is fantastic to put all the elements of soft skills in a very crisp and precise way. I myself identify a few areas to improve after gone through this training ~ Ashok S
  8. This experience was amazing for me i learned a lot of new skills and i will really use it in daily life thank you ~ B Nesrine

What you'll learn

  1. Relate effectively to others
  2. Apply soft skills to relevant situations.
  3. Understand the difference between EI, empathy and professionalism.
  4. Communicate non-verbally
  5. Identify techniques of team building
  6. Identify steps of problem solving
  7. Identify techniques of time management
  8. Understand techniques of trust building
  9. Understand the concept of management style change
  10. Identify the traits of self-confidence
  11. Accept and learn from criticism and feedback.
  12. Reach out more to people
  13. Understand when to back off.


No prerequisites required except for strong determination to develop oneself.

Course Content

12 Sections 22 Lectures 53m total length

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