Ultimate Advanced Business English

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Last updated 5/2022 English

Ultimate Advanced Business English course has been designed to enable learners to communicate in English as successfully as in their native language while guiding them through the functional use of English in business settings- from meetings and presentations to negotiations and informal business conversations.


As the international language of business, excellent English language skills are essential for success in the workplace across multiple industries. Research consistently shows that people with good English language skills earn more than their peers who lack such skills and are more desirable candidates for businesses with vacancies to fill. Competence in English is also important when working with international clients; a poorly-written website, email or proposal can impact on the client’s confidence and cause businesses to lose sales to their competitors. So, whether you are a recent graduate looking to take the first steps into the world of work, you currently work in an international business, or you have your own business serving English-speaking clients, improving your business English skills is an investment in your future that will pay dividends for years to come.


Ultimate Advanced Business has been developed by a qualified and experienced English language tutor and modelled on the Level 2 Functional Skills English qualifications taken by native English speakers in the U.K. Unlike other business English courses, Ultimate Advanced Business English provides everything you need to know to communicate effectively in real professional environments because it is based on qualifications developed in consultation with and according to the needs of businesses and industry bodies in the U.K.

Who this course is for

Business students

Recent graduates intending to work in international or English-speaking organisations

Entrepreneurs or business owners with international or English-speaking clients

Business professionals currently working with international or English-speaking clients


Helps me understand how to use business English not just speak it. This is the best English course I have taken.

What you'll learn

Write with greater confidence and clarity using appropriate business vocabulary


Use organisational markers and correct grammar and punctuation to improve audience understanding


Understand and identify the differences between British and US English


Meet your audience’s needs by effectively conveying meaning and writing with purpose


Present and participate in meetings and conversations in English with greater confidence


Improve your understanding of spoken English


Proof-read your own or others’ writing for errors to ensure accuracy


Identify key points, explicit and implicit meaning in texts and detect bias


Identify unfamiliar words and terms through context


Present and undertake negotiations without being limited by your language skills