YouTube SEO 2021: Learn YouTube SEO, Marketing, Get Success

Learn YouTube SEO from Basics to Advanced Level, Which is Working for My YouTube Channels Since Last 5 Years Till Now

Last updated 5/2023 English

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YouTube 2021 SEO Secrets Course - YouTube is the 2nd largest search engines in the world with over 1 billion users, that's huge right so there is an opportunity on YouTube but to get best out of it you need to learn YouTube SEO.

Which I am going to cover in this course, so that you can get success on YouTube because through the power of SEO, you can rank your videos not only on YouTube but also you can get traffic from Google. In this course I have shared all secrets and my own experiment as well as result from my own YouTube channel stats.

Finally, I have over 330,000 Subscribers in my one YouTube channel, but now I am running more than 6 YouTube channels. All my experience about YouTube SEO, marketing from this course, you will enjoy each and every lesson I am pretty much sure about it.

Advantages of Doing SEO of Your YouTube Video the Right Way:

  1. Good Ranking on YouTube as well as on Google
  2. More Views, More Likes, More Subscribers
  3. More Income

Disadvantages of not Using YouTube SEO:

  1. Not Good Ranking on YouTube as well as on Google
  2. Less Views, Less Likes, Less Subscribers
  3. Less Income

Bonuses you will get in this course:

  1. My YouTube Channel Having Over 300,000 subscribers, its insight view I will share with you
  2. Insight secrets of Live stream
  3. Insight secrets of getting sales on YouTube
  4. Trick to Increase Subscribers
  5. Trick to Increase Views, Likes and Shares also
  6. Important Tools List for YouTube SEO

Then What are Waiting for? Enroll Today and Grow Your Own YouTube Channel Like I did with myself.

What you'll learn

  1. Creating SEO Friendly YouTube Channel
  2. My Insight Secrets of Getting Over 20M Views
  3. Better Ranking on YouTube
  4. Better Ranking on Google


  1. Need to Know Basics of Computer
  2. Need to Know Basics of Internet

Course Content

5 Sections 44 Lectures 3h 32m total length

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