90 Second Instant Manifestation Programme + Certification

PROVEN technique to manifest your thoughts + INCOME programme

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This programme includes a proven technique that shows you how to MANIFEST your thoughts.

AND.....the technique takes just 90 seconds.

You will benefit in two ways from this course:

MANIFESTATION SKILL: I will teaching you an ancient skill of being able to manifest your thoughts.

MORE INCOME:  You receive my personal manifestation 8-page training programme to make $500-600 each month from running a simple 2 hour event.

Proven Technique

It is proven because I have successfully used the technique to attract money (over $375.000 over the last 4 years), two cars, a wonderful relationship, great health (previously has 18 ops on my vocal cords) and literally 1,000's of other things both big and small.

When you get good at this technique, you will be able to think of 'things' and they just happen.

The technique originated over 2,000 years ago and was kept a secret because it gives 'ordinary people' control over their lives. I have adapted it to the modern day and in my course I will explain:

INSTANT MANIFESTATION: How you can think of something and it just happens

SPIRITUAL HELP 24/7: Why the spiritual world wants you to succeed and is there helping you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

MANIFESTATION MISTAKES: Where people go wrong and block 'stuff' coming into their lives

The beauty of this course is that you can test it, by first manifesting small things. This then provides you with the belief and confidence to manifest bigger and more exciting items into your life.

The technique I will show you is simple and anyone can do it.

For 22 years I have been working with energy and have developed a skill of knowing how things, life and the spiritual world works. This has come from testing everything that I learn so I can PROVE TO YOU it works.

Please understand that my work is based on my personal experience and is unique. To know how to manifest, you first know how life and the spiritual world works. That is why in my course I explain:

THE SPIRITUAL WORLD: Why we are here and how the 1% physical world (us) exists hand in hand with the 99% non-physical (spiritual) world

SPIRITUAL HELP 24/7: Why the spiritual world wants you to succeed and is there helping you 24 hours a ay, 7 days a week

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION:  How you can tap into the 99% spiritual world and have a permanent connection (TO MANIFEST)

If you ignore the spiritual world, it is like having the most brilliant of cars but with no fuel. Its absolutely useless and will go no where.

For me, I love the fact that it puts me in control of my life, makes me feel content and happy.

You also receive an invitation to my SUPERachievers Group on facebook, which is for people who desire to lead a SUPERspecial life. Each week I provide FREE coaching in the TRUTH about how life works so that your life can get better and better.

I look forward to you joining this course and being able to work with you.

'Stay excited.'

Who this course is for

Anyone with desire to learn a technique that will transform their life.


This course is highly rated because it contains a Special Secret. Just look at some of the Reviews below:

  1. ***** Honestly one of the most influential courses I’ve ever taken ~ Pauline V
  2. ***** Marc is a wonderful trainer who really knows his stuff. I have binged watched this course and have learnt so much already. :) I intend to go through it again and take notes as this knowledge is exciting ~ Justin P
  3. ***** What an awesome course!! I'm super excited to put this into practice ~ S Pfeiffer
  4. ***** Excellent course. Finished it in one day. Manifested a couple of small things before the last lecture ~ J Hashtroudian
  5. ***** It is an amazing course which not only teaches you an amazingly simple technique but explains it in detail, so you can see how it all fits together. I highly recommend it ~ Stuart C
  6. ***** WOW love this course a lot to learn ~ B Thomas
  7. ***** Super powerful yet simple technique that works very well ~ Parmar N
  8. ***** This was fun, Marc’s teaching style was approachable and better yet the technique he taught worked! ~ A Kosorok

What you'll learn

  1. The skill of instant manifestation - this is a proven method that is working for 1,000's of people
  2. How to think of something and it just happens
  3. How the spiritual world is helping you manifest your desires 24/7
  4. How to make $500-$600 per month from running your own events - my personal 8-page training plan is provided


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