Alternate REALITY Life Transformation Course

PROVEN energy healing solution to achieve health, wealth, happiness, love, confidence and energy

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This course is a GAME CHANGER and can solve all your problems.

There are two versions of you. Your 'current REALITY' where you may be ill, in debt, lacking in confidence, depressed, suffering from bad relationships and there is your 'TRUE REALITY' where your life has no problems.

Your TRUE REALITY was given to you at birth where your life was great and there were no problems. However, over the years we all have made bad decisions or bad experiences and created our current REALITY' and with it problems.


Using a proven method, this course will show you how to swap these realities so that you can go from:

  1. Being ill to being healthy
  2. Being in debt to having money
  3. Lacking in confidence to being confident
  4. Feeling depressed to being excited about your life
  5. Having bad relationships to being loved

I have done this in my own life with:

  1. Money: I was seriously in debt AND NOW have financial freedom
  2. Health: I had 18 ops on my vocal cords AND AM NOW healthy
  3. Depression: I would cry most days AND AM NOW excited about my life

I am just an ordinary guy and if this works for me, it will work for you too.

In this course you also learn:

  1. The meaning to life and why we are here
  2. Why the 1% physical world was created
  3. How the 1% physical world and the 99% non physical spiritual world co-exists simultaneously
  4. How the spiritual world is helping you 24/7 with your life

This course is a life transforming opportunity and the technique that I have developed takes just 90 seconds.

You will also receive an invitation to my SUPERachievers Group on facebook, which is for people who wish to have a SUPERspecial life. There you will receive free weekly coaching to help make your life truly successful.

Come and join me I can guarantee your life will be transformed forever.

Who this course is for

People who are passionate about their lives.


  1. Amazing course. Very clear and to the point. The process described is very straightforward. Marc also responds to questions really quick! ~ Vikramaditya G
  2. Marc is simultaneously standing with his feet on the ground and talking about impossible things. Amazing man. I watched its course at once and I am looking forward to the next courses ~ Sebastian S
  3. Really enjoyed this. Marc is engaging, you get the feeling that he sincerely wants to help people, and the exercises are something that can be taken away and tried immediately ~ Angel K
  4. Exceeded my expectations. Really helpful tips to put into life for transformation ~ Deborah G
  5. Excellent course. This is totally different from the many law of attraction books I have read that rehash incomplete information that doesn't work. Marc teaches us the exact techniques that turned his life around; not theory but real methods that have actually worked in his life and many others. Practice them and in minutes per day you can change your life dramatically for the better ~ Thinking Mind
  6. Marc has created one of the best if not the best LOA courses I have ever studied. It is short, straight to the point, there is no mystical or intellectual vanity in the delivery of the material. I also asked him a question about how to apply the technique to a particular issue and he gave a response based on his own experience, I found that very important because I ponder experience above else when it comes to courses/trainings ~ J Santiago
  7. Mark Wynn has done an amazing job developing and delivering this content. I found the workbook to be especially valuable - I'm a visual learner. On a personal level this was a divinely timed reminder of my own power. Anyone with an open mind will unquestionably learn new and exciting things about themselves. Highly recommend this course! ~ D Funderburk
  8. This course was different that what I expected. I love how Marc has found techniques that have worked for him and sharing these techniques with others that we all may raise our self-awareness and vibration. Marc really has a way of truly 'allowing' rather than resisting. The techniques all seem so simple, yet they are quite powerful when one 'allows'. Thank you Marc! ~ Nakkia R
  9. This is a wonderful course. The instructor is so motivational and the method is very simple and easy to understand yet incredibly powerful. My life has already changed dramatically since starting the course. Thank you Marc!! ~ B Metcalfe
  10. I love his courses. So simple and logical, what he says just makes so much sense. I don't know if you read these but if you do then thank you...keep making these amazing courses. You are changing my life and I am happy :) ~ G Bowden

What you'll learn

  1. How to solve illness, debts, depression, bad relationships, insecurity and a lack of confidence
  2. How the 99% spiritual world is helping you 24/7 to make your life better
  3. There are 2 versions of you - your 'current REALITY' with problems and your 'TRUE REALITY' with NO PROBLEMS
  4. The meaning to life and why you are here
  5. How to swap your 'current REALITY' of problems for your 'TRUE REALITY' where you have NO problems
  6. How to have x99 - more love, laughter, happiness, health and money


An open mind is good and the desire to live a life that is much better than your present one.

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