Airbnb Experience Creation

Host Events for Business, Art, Health and Entertainment.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Imagine having the job of your dreams doing what you love and sharing that with those interested in the experience! 

Airbnb experiences empowers any of us to become an entrepreneur online by hosting events for business, art, health, entertainment, and nearly anything else we love. In this class, we focus on the skills necessary to create an experience, submit it for approval, and start getting clients booking our gig including case studies of approved and successful experiences with detailed instructions on completing the review process and tips to earn the most money from an experience! 

The skills we learn as entrepreneurs online in creating this Airbnb experience will prove helpful.


  1. Useful class to help people set up their own Airbnb experience ~ Tomas G
  2. Really good insight on Experiences, Being a super host for more than a year now I was interested in branching out into this side business and I found this video really good for an entry-level class! ~ Stefan D

What you'll learn

  1. You will be empowered after this course to create your first Airbnb experience
  2. Airbnb Experience basics!
  3. Start creating today!
  4. Prepare to submit for review!

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