Anatomy of the Breath

A Course for Bodyworkers, Movement or Meditation Teachers, and Anyone Interested in How a Body Works

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Taking a breath is central to the human experience: it's the first, and the last, thing you'll ever do. It happens with and without voluntary control. For these reasons and more perhaps, most meditative and movement traditions have placed great importance on coming to know one's own breathing.

So whether you're not even sure how the lungs fill, or you do know but want to get a deeper understanding into what happens in the autonomic nervous system with an exhale, or you can release tight shoulders by freeing up your diaphragm ... This could be an awesome course for you.

Watch the video to get a sense of the curriculum. Thanks and hope to see you in a minute!

Who this course is for

Bodyworkers, movement teachers, body-based therapists who are interested in the breath.


  1. Love this course! SO much detail but presented in a assessable way with details and examples and techniques that I can take into my classes and practice. Thank you!! ~ Jen
  2. Fascinating information, extremely helpful visuals, easy to follow presentation and tone. I learned a lot and I appreciated the practical exercises for in-class use ~ Amani S
  3. I have known Liam’s work through his podcast The Body Awake, so when I found this course it was an instant YES! I am even more impressed with his presentation style, depth of knowledge, ability to share what inspires him, this course is very rich, so much more content than I was expecting. I highly recommend this course to those interested in the nuances of breath, and anatomy, it’s fascinating and then some! Thank you ~ Eila B
  4. Fantastic and simple to understand material that will prove to be useful in its application for those, like me, who practice and teach yoga to the public. Also helpful for personal use and Liam demonstrates interesting activites/meditations for personal exploration. A huge bonus, the course is in-dept and is well crafted, for he does not draw out the concepts to make them muddled. Succinct course on the anatomy of the breath. Dive in! This stuff IS important ~ Kelsey C
  5. Succinct, interesting, interactive, embodied. While I think that at least a basic understanding of anatomy would be helpful in getting the most of this course, it could also be a great first introduction to understanding breath mechanics and inspiring further study. I appreciated the meditations as a way to apply the learning. I have noted sections I wish to repeat for further understanding and will surely bring this knowledge forward in my work with clients and group classes ~ Yvette L
  6. Thank you, Liam for the use of the diagrams as well as the MRI imagery. When studying anatomy, it's often difficult to envision the 3D structures when using 2D information. The video, the brain image, and your use of the colored-pens were simply helpful. Your tone is gentle, warm, and inviting ~ K Lofroos
  7. Thanks so much Liam. What I found so engaging was the way you contexutalised the topic within the framework of a narrative and good images. I can and want to remember the details because you were able to relate knowledge to personal experience. No decontexualised lists in sight! I was intrigued by the HRV exercise too and loved the hands on practice of tracing the vagus nerve ~ Anna
  8. The course picked me up right where I am in my own practice and my own teachings in freediving and yoga with breathing exercises and Pranayama. Sometimes I had to stop the video to grasp better when Liam showed the charts, as there is soo much information. :-) Loved the bridging approach between scientific information and holistic embodiment through meditation. It showed eaxactly the essence of what breathing is doing. I will re-watch and keep studying. Thanks a lot! ~ Antje
  9. I really enjoyed your Breathing course, Liam. Nice mix of anatomy, application to real life, sensing, and exercises. Great work, my friend. Breathe ~ Sandra L
  10. I loved this first meditation...self-driving car. Liam has so much embodied knowledge, his delivery (voice, speech pattern) sounds effortless ~ Isabel D
  11. I enjoyed his easy care and explanation for an enthusiast, like myself. Well done, I would take another course with Liam, when applicable ~ V Martínez-Grieco
  12. Liam is a fantastic guide into the movements and structures of breathing. The course is paced really beautifully ~ Vanessa M
  13. This course has changed the way I think about my breath. I suspect that I haven't been taking full breaths for most of my adult life. Before taking this class, I was interested in seeing a specialist to help me re-learn how to breathe. (Crazy to think that's something an adult might need help with, but I guess that's why this class exists!) The instructor provides tons of useful information that helps me visualize what's happening in my body when I breathe. Even better, he includes exercises that put that information into practice right away. Instead of spending a bunch of money on 1-on-1 breathwork, this class has me feeling like I'm already breathing better for a fraction of the cost. Looking forward to future classes from this instructor! ~ Kathryn D

What you'll learn

Understand some of the biomechanics of breathing, and have in your toolbelt several exercises to visualize the anatomy and practice different kinds of breath awareness.


No previous knowledge necessary.

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