Complete Pilates Mat Course

At any age and fitness level improve your posture, mobility, flexibility and core strength. Get a toned body with Pilates!

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I am happy to see you are interested in taking my Compete Pilates Mat Course: Beginner to Advanced Level. Congratulations on taking the first steps of starting Pilates.

I designed this course for people at any age to understand the principles of Pilates and to practice it easily anywhere. Pilates is for everyone, at any fitness level. I invite you to think about the money you spend on anything else in your life rather than your BODY. By taking this course you will make a wonderful investment for your future.

What makes this course different is the fact that it is very detailed and informative. You will learn how to do the Pilates exercises CORRECTLY and also to get the MOST out of your workouts. At the beginning of the course, we will start with the theoretical aspect of Pilates. Further, we will explore all the classical Pilates exercises. You will be able to understand not only HOW to do the exercises but also WHY you are doing them. Lastly, you will have a full 1-hour workout at the end of every level.

You will also enjoy creating your own pilates mat workout thanks to the guidelines I will share with you at the end of the course.

It is exactly why this course is different than watching a Pilates workout video on the internet. While taking this course you are not just watching the instructor and repeating what he/she is doing but you will be learning the techniques of doing Pilates correctly.

What changes you can expect at the end of this course?

  1. Improved posture,
  2. More flexibility,
  3. Core strength,
  4. Mobility on your shoulders, hips, arms, legs, and spine
  5. Become more body aware,
  6. Performance increase in other sports you do,
  7. Improved ability in your daily activities,
  8. Avoid injuries (or less likely to have)
  9. Increased self-confidence

Now everybody has a busy life and doesn’t take enough care of their bodies that they LIVE in. The pilates method taught in this course is a great investment in your body to age powerfully. Why? Because it helps you to have a stronger core which is a prerequisite to have a healthy life. True core strength comes from strengthening the tiny muscles in and around your spine and working outwards. Pilates helps you to strengthen all your body muscles equally that is essential to keep your body in great and strong shape.

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit”

“In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body” 

- Joseph Pilates

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who wants to learn and practice Pilates from beginner to advanced level at their own pace
  2. Anyone who wants to get into great shape and feel stronger
  3. Anyone who wants to improve and maintain their posture and prevent back pain
  4. Anyone who wants to invest in their physical and mental well-being
  5. Anyone who has a busy schedule (due to work, personal reasons) and can't attend to regular classess (due to tight and irregular work schedule or financial restrictions)
  6. Anyone who doesn't enjoy or feel comfortable working out with other people in a group class
  7. This course is not suitable for people who are at any stage of pregnancy
  8. This course is not suitable for people who are suffering from osteoporosis


  1. Good explanation and excellent demonstration! ~ Carlson H
  2. I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot. I don't regret in taking the course. I made the right decision. Thank you so much ❤️❤️ ~ O Advincula
  3. I practice pilates along with my yoga routine. I am a certified yoga teacher UYA international. I liked the way you explained. All points are cleared in a smooth manner. I enjoyed the course. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot Elif ~ Shilpa P
  4. It’s very amazing experience of Pilates learning and practicing with you. It’s a best way to demonstrate and explain the proper move and benefits of it ~ N Dadhaniya
  5. I loved this course. I found it fun, informative, and well structured. The instruction was clear and easy to understand ~ J Hamilton
  6. Best way to learn at home ... and instructor guided v.nicely...would love to learn more from her... ~ Khushboo A
  7. Clear instructions and easy to follow up, so feels good to learn ~ Meenakshi K
  8. Amazing! I really enjoyed this course. Easy to follow along and very informative. Thank you so much ~ Zelda
  9. I spent almost 6 months on the beginner level because I was so stiff when I started. I really expected to struggle with the intermediate level, but Elif makes it so do-able. It is hard, but I think that if I keep going every other day it will be as smooth as my beginner level workout. Thank you for helping me improve my physique and stamina ~ Kossi
  10. So far she is explaining things very well and making it really easy to understand ~ Kaylen N
  11. I just love this course. It’s not too quick so i know I’m doing the exercises correct, and I still feel i do a nice workout ~ H Reichhardt
  12. Pilates is one of my favorite exercise programs. This is the first time that I have actually had each position explained in full to me. I do know of them but learned them as I was going along in classes. This was a wonderful refresher since I have not been doing pilates for 4 years now. Excited to get into the course and learn. This instructor is wonderful. Love the pace that she is going at. Thank you! ~ C McGovern
  13. Elif is very knowledgeable and passionate about pilates, and she takes very good care to explain the exercises. This course would be great for people who are new to pilates and want to learn the proper way to do exercises. Elif recommends doing the beginner workout ten times before moving to the next level, which does get a little bit repepitive, but I can't wait to see what's in store for the next level! ~ Mvr
  14. I gave birth to my child five years ago, and I struggled a lot with my weight and going back in shape, accidentally I found Elif's pilates video and I fell in love with it, If you are planning to join her course, I would highly recommend it, Her instructions are not stressful and have so much precision and clarity, plus she's very knowledgeable in her field, the course is supported by an introduction lecture and other useful resources. In the first week, I already felt accomplished, stronger, relaxed, and in a better mood! ~ Jumana
  15. I am 100% satisfied from course instructor and videos and material. Videos are very helpful for me from beginner to advance level. I highly recommend others to do this course ~ Hafiz M
  16. As a fitness trainer, I’m always very concerned with my breathing then training but this video study has show me how to really enhance and focus more on my breathing patterns which stabilize and improve my core muscles and I feel more relaxed than tension. Well done ~ D Cooper
  17. This course has been very helpful for me. I sit at a computer all day and have posture issues and was recommended to try Pilates by a friend. I found this course and I'm already seeing the benefits. Everything is easy to follow at a comfortable pace, my only regret is that I didn't start doing this sooner! ~ M Urwin
  18. I am very much enjoying this course. Exercises are quite challenging and I really feel the effects on my body. Elif is an excellent instructor, she is teaching step by step and she has very clear explainations ~ Aurelien M

What you'll learn

  1. Learn 33 classical Pilates exercises created by Joseph Pilates
  2. Understand the purpose of each Pilates exercise, how to perform correctly and apply for the optimum positions
  3. Joseph Pilates' Pilates principles in theory and practice
  4. Modification for each move based on your level
  5. Practice full Pilates workout from beginner to advanced level at your own pace
  6. Self-practice Guide to create your own workout based on single Pilates exercise practices
  7. Get a fit and toned body in a short time
  8. Increase your muscle flexibility and stretch all your body
  9. Reduce back pain, improve your posture, strengthen your core
  10. Experience how Pilates transforms your body in 30 sessions


  1. Mat, towel, pillow
  2. Prior practice or knowledge of Pilates is not necessary
  3. Suitable clothes for Pilates
  4. Motivation and self-discipline

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