Create a Calculator Application in Android Studio

Last updated 5/2022 English

Would you like to set up the user interface and basic functions for a calculator app that you’re creating in the Android Studio?

Level up your Android developer skills by creating a calculator application today in Android studio!

So in this tutorial, we have learned how to create a simple calculator app in android studio. This is a good android project for beginners, as it will increase your ability to apply logic while you’re coding. We hope that you liked it and we’re sure that you will love implementing it.

Who this course is for
  1. App developer
  2. Android project for beginners
What you'll learn
  1. Starting the calculator app layout and view settings.
  2. Calculator user interface setup and basic functions.
  3. How to calculate with the calculator app starting with addition.
  4. Finishing calculator app functions like subtraction, multiplication and division.
  5. Fixing bugs and improving the architecture of the calculator application