How to Make a Camera App in Android Studio

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Last updated 6/2023 English

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Your dream and passion is designing Android applications that will attract millions of users? You should try out Android Studio! This course on Android application development is the perfect opportunity for you to practice using this IDE. The latter abbreviation stands for an integrated development environment, which is a must-have for any programmer. Specifically, this Android Studio tutorial focuses on a project: I will show you the steps to creating a camera application. 

What is Android Studio?

The Android Studio program is the official IDE for Google’s Android application development. It is considered as the best tool for creating Android apps as it helps you test your code even without an Android device. Additionally, Android Studio combines a fast code editor and a novel build system based on Gradle. 

In Android Studio, you can start new projects, import modules for additional support for other Android devices (AndroidTV or AndroidWear, for instance). As a little thoughtful touch for beginners, Android Studio also includes templates: structures of code that you can use immediately without having to write code manually. 

Another huge advantage of Android Studio is the ability to transfer projects from other programs. During the conversion, the IDE will make necessary modifications and import the necessary modules. 

Lastly, let’s not forget that Android application development with Android Studio is more productive due to the additional mechanism for assistance. For instance, all standard IDEs offer code completion, but Android Studio also includes tools for refactoring and compatibility. The program lets you work with Java and XML documents. In this Android camera app tutorial, I will be working with Java to produce a camera application.

What will you learn in this Android application development course? 

This Android Studio tutorial presents you with a project that I will implement in my lessons. The main focus is a camera app for Android devices. How to create a camera app in Android Studio? Of course, there are several stages of this project.

For instance, one of the first things in this Android camera app tutorial is the explanation of the permissions and writing code to ask and receive permission from users. You might have noticed that if a program uses the camera on your phone, it requires permission to work. Therefore, any camera-related app needs to have a proper code for permission. 

To learn how to create a camera app in Android Studio, you need to know how to set up your camera preview and the rotation feature as well. In the next lessons, I focus on picture callback and building the code for actually taking a picture with your camera app. To enhance the features even further, I add the feature of not recording videos as well. 

Lastly, to finish up our Android application development, I will review the most common mistakes that might appear in your code. Therefore, I will show you the best practices for fixing bugs and improving the overall user interface (UI). After all, you want to create an app that is not only functional but pleasing to the eye. 

What you'll learn

How to use Android Studio for creating a camera application for Android.


  1. Download Android Studio
  2. Basic computer proficiency

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