Cyber Security Incident Handling and Response

Become a professional cyber security incident handling team member or team leader.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course covers the six phases of incident handling and responding as follows:


  • Includes the definition of an event, incident, as well as the difference between them

Preparation Phase

  • Shows the elements of preparation and the team building, 

Identification Phase

  • Demonstrates where identification occurs and the assessment for identification


  • Explains the deployment and categorization needed as well as the short/long-term actions taken


  • Stresses on restoring systems and improving defenses


  • Elaborates the validation and monitoring required for attacked systems

Lessons Learned

  • Confirms the importance of meeting as a team to fix and improve and to share our experiences with others

Who this course is for

  1. Cyber security beginners and professionals
  2. Software developers
  3. IT managers.


  1. Quick, well explained and easy to follow! ~ J Solomon
  2. Wonderful training... I have gained good knowledge on Incident Handling and response ~ R Jesupatham
  3. Good points regarding incident management not only for cyber security experts but for IT professionals as well ~ J O'Keeffe
  4. Excellent course, great overview and explanation of the topics ~ J Goodwin
  5. I like the lecturer's approach to the topic - anticipating and planning for a few moves ahead. That's in my opinion the essence of security thinking ~ L Miler
  6. A very important topic, yet largely unknown. Well elaborated. Thank you. I will definitely use the suggested practices when identifying and processing incidents ~ Libor B
  7. This course was short, sweet and to the point, it covered everything we should be doing and be aware of ~ D Griffin
  8. Thank you for the information it was indeed an eye opener and great presentation ~ R Gertze
  9. Course is very informative for those who are interested in pursing a potential career in CS ~ M Tracy

What you'll learn

Handle and respond to cyber security incidents in your organization.


Be professional in the field of the cyber security incidents handling and responding.

Course Content

7 Sections 10 Lectures 60m total length

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