Digital Marketing with Google AdWords, Facebook & YouTube

Last updated 5/2023 English

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We will start with Google Adwords where I will show you how to select a product, choosing an offer, create a new search network campaign and the first ad group. Then, I’ll show you how to track your results with third-party tracking, affiliate links and conversion tracking.

You will see how I increase to #1 position CTR and turn one ad into 33 ads. Finally, I’ll show you how to scale your campaign from one country to a global audience and how to quickly copy a campaign for sales into $0.01 views globally.

In the Facebook advertising section, I will show you what type of ads work, how to make the initial page post engagement ad, how to copy ad sets in the Facebook ads manager for split targeting audiences and how to use the power editor to make a lot of ad sets fast from existing ad sets.

To finish the course, you will learn with me how I use YouTube as an organic traffic source and how I use YouTube ads with Google AdWords for video.

Course Content

7 Sections 19 Lectures 2h 40m total length

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