Email Marketing Without Asking For An Email Address

Email marketing without ever needing to use an opt in or collect an email address!

Last updated 3/2023 English

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See how I do awesome email marketing without ever needing to use an opt in or collect an email address!

You will not believe how easy it is to do email marketing when you use the information in this course to discover strategies for reaching out to potential clients and existing customers via email without ever needing to collect an email, use an opt in page, create a LeadPages account, or sign up for MailChimp!

Have you struggled to find an effective email marketing strategy?

Are you tired of trying to unsuccessfully build your list with online advertising, solo ads, opt in forms, squeeze pages, and all of the other tricks you are sure everyone else is using successfully to get rich with email marketing?

Would you like to make your email marketing effortless and seamlessly integrated with what you are already doing on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on a new platform like Patreon where you can monetize everything you create?

All of this information and more is included for you in this course! Take this course now to get lifetime access.

I struggled for years to do email marketing the way all the “experts” said I should do it with auto responders, marketing funnels, and email marketing software!

What I did not realize was that all of my existing success was due to email marketing in a completely out of the box way that I had never even noticed!

When I became aware that Facebook and LinkedIn were already doing all of my email marketing for me, I realized I could stop trying to do email marketing on my own and focus on doing a better job triggering email marketing messages on trusted websites that already had collected billions of emails!

Now I can send over 30,000 students emails promoting my courses effortlessly without ever needing to collect their email address! On Facebook I generated tens of thousands of email messages resulting in the successful launch of my first company and giving me all of the experience I needed to create exceptional courses.

Act on your feelings of love, hope, and faith to gain access to everything you need to be successful with email marketing! Take this course now!

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