Facebook Marketing & Advertising in 2016 Audio Book

Be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing.

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If you want to be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing, you might love this audio book! You get principles and strategies that will work for you based on my experience building my Facebook page to more than two million likes and finding hundreds of clients for free using Facebook pages. Listen to this audio book today to take your next step now in getting your best results ever on Facebook!

Here are questions you can expect to be answered by listening to this audio book!

  1. Which to use? A Facebook page, group or profile?
  2. When is using a Facebook page helpful?
  3. How to create a Facebook page and name it for best results?
  4. How to make a great Facebook page using videos and making helpful posts?
  5. What method worked for me to get a monthly income out of my work on Facebook and what might work for you?
  6. What is the most effective way to reach the newsfeed using Facebook marketing?
  7. What method of content creation is the most effective for getting sharing?

If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this audio book is worth listening to before you invest your money and time in it. If hundreds of thousands of people before you had not already spent time watching my videos on YouTube and paying to take courses with me online, I would not have been able to work with Michel Gerard to get this audio book in front of you. What you get in this book is the new audio version of my complete Facebook ads and marketing course online which has been through hundreds of changes and updates to make it the most helpful for you. What you have the chance to hear now is the product of hundreds of people working for you to make what I hope is the best audio book currently available on Facebook ads and marketing!

You can start this audio book with any level of experience on Facebook and go straight to learning the best of what I have found works today based on my experience being one of the very first users to sign up for Facebook in 2005 and using it nearly every day since then!


  1. Jerry tells all in this down-to-earth journey of Facebook ads experience. Don't look for "secret technical tricks" in this book. This book is an open-hearted account of Jerry's experiences with FB advertising as well as a totally transparent look at Jerry, the person. You can only come away "Knowing, Liking and Trusting" this guy and will want to follow along with him and his teachings, as he is one of the few out there that really wants others to succeed and learn to make a great living online and get away from the JOB. He will help you get a "bigger picture" look at FB and what it can do for you. Thanks Jerry! ~ K Gibson
  2. Love this dudes books. They are honest and helpful. And that jerry shares his life experiences. Makes you feel like you aren't alone in your Journey. Best thing about it is you know that he has done this and is teaching from real life experience. That's the real money right there ~ WorshiptheKing
  3. All of Jerry's significant experience wrapped up in the motivation...and wisdom that you will surely need to start and maintain your online business today ~ Willem
  4. Easy read well illustrated! Learn a lot fast! Would highly recommend this book to any entrepreneur who wants fast results ~ G Massari
  5. Very valuable! Thank you for putting the time and effort in this. Keep up the good work Jerry ~ Alla
  6. This book gave me actionable advice on how to become a better Facebook marketer, and the philosophy behind it all. I enjoyed all of the motivational speaking in the first chapter as well ~ Cameron

Course Content

1 Section 26 Lectures 7h 1m total length

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