Famebit Influencer Marketing

Last updated 5/2022 English

Where do we find brands interested in funding sponsored content on YouTube, Twitter, Vine, and Tumblr? How can we pay influencers to help us with our marketing by creating videos, tweets and posts dedicated to promoting our products and services? 

Famebit is the Influencer Marketplace where creators connect with advertisers to produce branded commercials, reviews, testimonials, product launch videos, app demos, vlogs and blogs. What opportunity do we have for success as a creator or brand on Which proposals are worth considering? When do we get a good return for our time on Famebit as a brand and creator? 

We answer each of these questions and more together in our class based on my experience as a creator and a brand on Famebit including skills for negotiating the best deals!

What you'll learn
  1. What is an influencer? Minimum subscribers to use Famebit?
  2. Famebit basics and pricing
  3. Inside using Famebit as an influencer including what is most annoying
  4. Sponsorship opportunities and maximizing ROI
  5. Influencer pricing expectations and brand proposal negotiation
  6. Famebit for brands overview
  7. Creating a proposal and types of YouTube videos
  8. Campaign creation in detail as a brand on Famebit
  9. Finishing campaign setup and choosing audience as a brand