First 5 Steps to be Compliant with PDPA

Begin your privacy protection journey toward complying to PDPA, GDPR, CCPA, etc...

Last updated 5/2023 English

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The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was first introduced in 2012 and further enforced from September 2019 with revised guidelines and rules. The PDPA applies to all organisations in Singapore. Find out what are the updates and how it affects the individual and all business (small and large). Also discover what are first steps to become compliant. Finally, through case studies learn from mistakes made by others and take steps to prevent them from happening to you.

Who this course is for

  1. Data protection officers
  2. Data handlers
  3. Network security professionals
  4. Managers
  5. IT professionals
  6. Business owners
  7. Cyber security practitioners

What you'll learn

  1. Recognise the importance about the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore and how it can affect you
  2. Gain an overview of the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore
  3. Understand the key components of PDPA
  4. Learn from enforcement cases


  1. Recognise the need of personal data protection in business compliance
  2. Have a keen interest to learn and complete the course

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