Go To Market Strategy

How to take your product to the customer

Last updated 5/2023 English

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“Filter everything you’re doing, saying and pitching through the customer point of view, and you’ll improve just about every metric you care about today.” – Matt Heinz, Founder of Heinz Marketing

Go To Market (a.k.a. GTM) Strategy is the plan of an organization to deliver unique value proposition to its customers and achieve a competitive advantage. GTM strategy helps a business clarify why it is launching the product, understand who the product is for, and create a plan to engage with the customer and convince them to buy the product or service.

GTM strategy is imperative not only for Sales & Marketing teams, but also critical for Product managers to envision and develop the products for the customers/users it’s intended for.

Who this course is for

  1. Wannapreneurs
  2. Product Management professionals
  3. Entrepreneurs / Founders
  4. Anyone who is involved in new product development

What you'll learn

  1. What is GTM? Benefits of having a GTM strategy.
  2. Key pillars of GTM strategy.
  3. How to get started with a winning GTM tailored for your target market and product offering.
  4. Reasons for failure of GTM.


No previous knowledge needed.

Course Content

6 Sections 12 Lectures 58m total length

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