Growing Your Business With Data

Understanding the place of data in growing business profit, and also understand what Data is.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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The course gives an understanding to the place of data in growing business profit, and also understand what Data is.

While it is important to want to see our business grow and not just at a stand still, there are several factors that help you achieve that business growth.

One of the important factors is Data.

Similarly, Data is popularly defined as unprocessed information. Most of us do not know how to process that data and change it into useful information.

For this very reason, this course is instrumental for you.

In this course, you would learn what Data is, how do you collect data, what do you do with the data collected, how instrumental or relevant are the data which you collected, how do you apply these data collected to your business and customers and much more.

In this course you would learn:

  1. Introduction to the general overview of the course.
  2. Why Collect or Use Data
  3. Your Customers
  4. Your Market
  5. Your Business Model
  6. Your Marketing
  7. Your Sales
  8. Your Competitors
  9. Your structure
  10. What is the result of all this
  11. How do you use this audit to grow your profit

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who owns a business or an entrepreneur.
  2. Anyone who aspires to own a business.
  3. Anyone who is a Growth Analyst
  4. Anyone who is a Sales Analyst.

What you'll learn

  1. Learn what data is
  2. Understand the place of data in growing your business profit
  3. Figure out which area of your business to audit and what to look out for
  4. Learn how to use this activity to increase business profit


Access to a laptop or a smartphone.

Course Content

11 Sections 11 Lectures 1h 16m total length

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