How to Deal with Your Self-Destruct Button

A Survival Guide For Life

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Do you feel that your life may have spun out of control and that you are trapped in a situation that you can't see a way out of? 

The people around you and world events influence your energy, confidence and motivation. World events have made it challenging to stay positive for long. Unless you know how your energy works, it is easy to be affected by negativity from news, others or personal circumstance. Add loss, restriction and mass panic to the mix and global stress levels are at an all time high.

Unless you have a guide to change this it is the beginning of a path that will only take you to a dark place. It can also be the foundation of serious mental and medical issues if left unchanged. 

Whilst most medical systems are very good for dealing with physical symptoms, by the time these appear the boat to dis-ease has usually been sailing for several years already. 

This course is the exploration of what are the main causes of serious physical and mental illness, how to recognise it early and what you can do about it.

It is designed to accompany the book How to Deal With Your Self-Destruct Button, Published by Pen and Sword Books.

In it you will discover:

  1. The root cause of every issue in your life
  2. The early warning signs of serious illness
  3. How to tap into your own energy and feel better
  4. How to best help those you love
  5. Why some people do not want to get better even though they say they do
  6. An easy to implement system to navigate your way out of dark places
  7. How to manage grief and loss
  8. Exercises to integrate these teachings into your life

As the world descends into an increasingly mad place it's easy to think that you could be living in a lunatic asylum. There is much you cannot control. This course is about focusing on the areas of your life that you have full control of and helping you to focus on and improve on that.

Nobody has more control over your wellbeing than you do.

There are many world events and aspects of your life that you may feel you have little influence on.

It is a practical guide to help you to spend more time working on things that you have full control of, increase your energy and feel better.

Welcome to a journey that will explore your motivation to feel better and want a better life.

Who this course is for

All levels.

What you'll learn

  1. How to feel better instantly
  2. How to make sense of your life
  3. Why things go wrong and what you can do about it
  4. How to control your mood, focus and outcomes
  5. How to raise your energy


  1. An interest in making your life better easily
  2. A curiosity of what energy is and how to tap into yours

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